10-Week Public Consultation about New 2019-2022 Gambling Policy

The South Tyneside Council is interested in what people think about the new gambling policy that will be coming in the future. For that reason, they began launching public consultations so they can find out what the people actually think about the new policies.

At the moment, the South Tyneside Council is actually responsible for issuing all the operating licenses for locations that offer a certain gambling service. For instance, race tracks, bingo halls, clubs/pubs that offer gaming machines, etc. are all under their jurisdiction. On top of that, according to the Gambling Act of 2005, the council is also responsible for tackling gambling-related crimes and disorders in order to make gambling as transparent as possible.

So, to make their job easier, the Licensing and Regulatory Committee of this council started consultations on the new gambling policy which will last for 10 weeks. They will last until the 30th of September and the council will give its approval on the new policy sometime in January 2019. They have to handle the matter by then because the current policy will expire on January 30th 2019. The main aspects of the new policy will be public health in all the licensed gambling premises on the territory of the borough. The policy includes protecting minors and other vulnerable individuals from any harm that could be gambling related.

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