The casino gambling habits of Stephen Paddock emerge as killer described as meticulous ‘math’ guy

  • Stephen Paddock regularly gambled more than $100 a hand on video poker
  • He had access to six-figure credit lines at some Las Vegas casinos

More details have emerged about the gambling habits of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman who killed 58 people and injured over 500 in Sunday’s deadly mass shooting.

WATCH: Las Vegas police department gives its Wednesday briefing on the investigation

Paddock used an arsenal of weapons that he had smuggled into the Mandalay Bay resort – one of the city’s most prestigious casinos – and was able to launch his deadly attack from the windows of an elite two-room hotel suite at the resort where he gambled regularly.

Just three days before the shooting he was seen playing video poker at the resort’s casino.

According to reports, Paddock would spend hours at a time playing video poker machines, often wagering over $100 per hand, and he was well known at many Vegas casinos. One executive casino host at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa said that Paddock rarely smiled or moved, and remained focused on his play.

Stephen Paddock was a casino regular
What drove Stephen Paddock to commit such a heinous act? The history of Stephen Paddock may yield some clues, but then again, it might not.

Although Paddock was not considered among the city’s biggest gamblers, his stakes were higher than most. He had six-figure credit lines at many casinos, enabling him to make significant sums of money during long video poker sessions and was known to be a gambler who always paid up his accounts.

He frequently benefited from perks including free stays in casino hotel rooms, which enabled him to sustain a gambler’s lifestyle.

Math guy

According to Paddock’s younger brother Eric, he was took a methodical and calculating approach to his gambling and didn’t rely on hunches: “He was a math guy,” he said.

“He could tell you off the top of his head what the odds were down to a tenth of a percent on whatever machine he was playing. He studied it like it was a Ph.D. thing. It was not silly gambling. It was work.”

One casino host described Paddock’s playing habits, including his tendency to move to a machine when someone got up to take a break and his interaction with other players.

He also liked video poker as it can have huge return to player value compared with other casino games, sometimes north of 99%. In other words, a player who wagers $100 on a machine could expect to receive $99 back on average.

That coupled with some healthy comps, such as a free room, free drinks and food, can end up leaving the player in profit.

The casino host added: “He loved to stare at other people playing. It was not a good thing because it would make other VIPs in the high-limit area uncomfortable. One of my guests once said to me, ‘He really gives me the creeps,;”

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