Data reveals how much UK land-based casinos rake in from games annually

  • Gambling Commission announces rolling yearly average figures
  • Many areas showed improved profits on last year’s statistics

The British Gambling Commission has released interesting stats showing just how much money gets turned into chips at UK casinos annually.

UK casino drop and win data published by the Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission has published how much money UK casinos retain from games annually. Pictures: ThinkStock

The so-called ‘drop and win’ data also shows how much of that money is retained by the casinos themselves.

148 casinos are included in the report sample, which highlights regional differences between casino hold rates and gives a general picture of the land-based casino industry in the UK today. These are the report’s key takeaways for the March 2016 to February 2017 period.

Profits up for casinos

The most important thing to note in the Gambling Commission’s report is the 12.6% profit margin recorded this year. In the same period one year before, that figure was 12.3%, suggesting a modest rise in the profits for casinos.

However, there were some areas where profit performance fell – including Scotland and the north of England.

Meanwhile, the house win rate for London casinos this year is averaging 7.5%. The compares favorably with other regions, meaning that players in the capital had better luck beating the house than those playing up north.

The drop data suggests that from March 16 to February 17, the main high-end London casinos saw £2,714,209,289 ($3.5 billion) turned into chips and £203,729,195 ($262.6 million) retained by the house after play.

Rolling drop and win data

As part of their remit, the Gambling Commission requires operating data from all casinos on a regular basis. This includes the amount paid in bets by players (the ‘drop‘) and the amount which is held by the casino after play (the ‘win’). Together, these two important pieces of information can indicate whether a casino is operating fairly, or whether too much of the player’s cash is being held by the establishment.

The Gambling Commission makes these figures public each month, as part of their commitment to providing a transparent and honest gambling industry. Drop and win data is calculated as an average and presented by region, indicating where gambling is being played fairly and where there are issued to be addressed by regulators.

The Gambling Commission is the UK’s regulatory body for gambling operations. It licenses and regulates all forms of paid gambling which are available to UK players, as well as creating the laws and guidelines by which the industry is run. It is the Commission’s job to keep gambling safe and fair for players, to protect wider communities and to ensure that casinos are operating in a legal way.

The full data sheet can be found here.

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