Jacks or Better casino ship captain to remain in charge following social media storm

  • The Jacks or Better Casino hit a harbor buoy last week
  • The incident went viral after JOB’s social media response

The captain of a casino ship which hit a harbor marker will keep his job according to a statement from the general manager of the Jacks or Better Casino Group.

The group sparked a social media frenzy by posting opinion poll on the future of Capitan David Kendrick which went viral on social media, promoting a furious backlash.

Jacks or Better crash captain will keep job
Jacks or Better crash captain will keep his job

It has now been confirmed that the captain in charge of the casino ship during the crash will remain in his current post as the company look to draw a line under the bizarre saga.

The saga stemmed from a minor collision between the Jacks or Better Casino Yacht and a hidden buoy despite the fact that all 100 passengers on board during the collision suffered with no injuries. The ship also reportedly only suffered slight damage revealed in a series of social media posts.

Following the crash, the company took to social media to ask whether followers felt they should fire their captain, sparking a furious backlash from their following.

Social media post causes upset

The casino ran into trouble earlier this week when social media users spotted the poll on the company’s Facebook page, which asked whether customers thought the ship’s captain should keep his job following the incident. Voters responded overwhelmingly in support of the captain, but also called out the post as being ‘inappropriate’, ‘unfair’ and ‘in poor taste’.

The backlash was so strong that the operator has since deleted the original message and posted a hasty statement backtracking on their chosen action.

Captain will remain in current job

The general manager of Jacks or Better originally spoke out to say people had misunderstood the post, and it was actually a call for support for the captain – that is, reinforcing people’s belief in his abilities and stating that they want him to carry on as captain.

However, local news is now reporting that the captain’s job was indeed up for debate, and that the company has concluded their investigation in his favor. “The JOB team has unanimously decided to continue Capitan David Kendrick‚Äôs employment,” a casino spokesperson told media sources.

Captain Kendrick has also used social media to apologize for his part in the incident and to assure customers of his commitment to his job.

Captain will remain in current job

As the Captain Kendrick saga draws to a close the PR department at Jacks or Better will be feeling pretty pleased with themselves. On the face of it a controversial tweet has landed them in hot water but in fact all exposure is good exposure and the group have made the best of a bad situation by stealing the headlines and people’s timelines. Punters will be soon be back on the ship at the roulette table or playing their favourite casino games while enjoying a cold one and the saga will have been forgotten.

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