The future’s here: ‘Skill-based’ slot games land at one of USA’s biggest casinos

  • GameCo successfully deploys video gambling machines (VGMs) to Foxwoods Resort Casino
  • VGM concept targets millennials with video game-like experience

Six video game gambling machines (VGMs) have been unveiled at the Foxwoods Resort Casino South Connecticut, the US’s second-largest casino resort.

Pharaoh's Secret Temple is one of the video game-style slots coming to Foxwoods Resort Casino
Pharaoh’s Secret Temple is one of the video game-style slots unveiled at Foxwoods Resort Casino

This is the second jurisdiction within the US that the company has put the machines into since it first introduced the concept of skill-based VGMs. Essentially, these are slots that play in a similar way to video games, including offering a skill-based element to the gameplay.

The VGMs deployed at Foxwood Resort casino include GameCo’s initial titles which are Nothin’ but Net and Pharaoh’s Secret Temple. The games are mounted on two special triple-unit carousels that are placed in ‘high traffic areas’ within the Fox Tower casino.

Game concepts

Pharaoh’s Secret Temple is an interesting game that takes players on an adventure to unearth the hidden riches of the Pharaoh.

The objective is to collect and match gems before time runs out. This is a simple video game that is suitable for casual gamers and it also appeals to fans of slot games. The game has plenty of features to keep players engrossed including power-up prizes, boosts, Egyptian-themed traps and various charms.

Nothin’ but Net is a basketball-themed game that gives players a chance to make virtual on-court plays in order to stand a chance of winning cash prizes. Some of the moves include jump shots, layups, half court bombs and free throws. This is a more faced-paced game that also features bonus money balls.

Next level casino gaming

The landscape of land-based casino gaming is hinting at a gradual shift traditional casino games to virtual experiences. This is a move that is expected to target a younger crowd that is more technologically savvy.

The CEO and co-founder of GameCo, Blaine Graboyes highlighted the need for casinos to keep up with current trends during the unveiling of the VGMs.

“We are very pleased to be expanding the world’s first skill-based gaming offerings to the Connecticut market with Foxwoods Resort Casino as they have embraced the opportunity to bring a new type of gaming entertainment to their guests.”
Blaine Graboyes, CEO, GameCo.

The president and CEO of Foxwoods Resort Casino Felix Rappaport welcomed the new developments in the gaming world and was glad to be among the pioneers in this new-age casino experience. “Skill-based slot machine technology is the next generation of gaming, and we welcome this addition to our already industry-leading resort casino experience”, Rappaport said.

New target market

GameCo is a front-runner in the shift toward a more technology-based casino experience and one of their key objectives is to reach a younger untapped market group.

According to Graboyes, “the landscape is changing and it is the right time to start identifying with the millennial generation.”

“As casino gaming continues to evolve and appeal to a new generation of players, we are focused on strategically aligning with casino partners such as Foxwoods who share our vision of combining the entertainment, engagement, and excitement of video games, eSports, and gambling to create a new type of destination for current and future casino customers.”

Graboyes added that the VGMs specifically target individuals above the age of 21 who enjoy playing video games and would potentially enjoy the land-based casino experience.

GameCo looking to be at the forefront of a casino revolution

GameCo is a tech company that is pioneering the convergence of video games and slots.

The company’s efforts have spawned a whole new niche of skill-based gambling games. GameCo is planning for its machines to be in all the major casino jurisdictions before 2018.

A big step for Foxwoods

Established in 1992, Foxwoods Resort Casino is currently the largest resort casino in North America and second-largest in terms of casino floor square footage. This establishment is owned and managed by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

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