Why demo play slots are worth considering next time you’re online

The vast majority of online casinos offer free play, or demo mode versions of most of the slots in their catalogue. If you’ve ever thought they’re simply there for newbies, it may be time to think again.

Sure, demo play slots offer a chance to try the game for free with the lack of any commitment that someone acquainting themselves with online slots for the first time may approve of, but they also offer seasoned players a number of benefits.

Bet’s aren’t real (unfortunately, neither are the wins) but they simulate a real play session so you can figure out the intricacies – and how best to play – before you start playing with your hard earned cash. Here’s a closer look at why it’s always worth having a spin on a demo game.

They’re absolutely free

It seems like an obvious place to start, but it’s probably the most important one whatever your reason for not wishing to spend anything. When you have a crack at a demo play game you don’t have to part with any cash, and so you’re not risking anything. Often, you don’t even have to actually sign up to the casino before you start playing so it’s the best way to check out an eagerly awaited slot without spending anything.

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Why would you do that? Well, for a host of reasons. It’s fair to say that slots are largely driven by luck when playing, but there’s always things worth considering – what’s the RTP like, how big can you bet, what bonus features are there so you can maximise your winnings and so on.

On a more basic level, it lets you find out if you actually enjoy the slot. It may seem a bit trivial, but if you’re going to be spending time chasing the jackpots, you’ve got to get some enjoyment out of it.

Table games

Demo play games can really come into their own when it comes to table games. Let’s face it, things like poker, blackjack and roulette have various rules and strategies that, unlike slots, can influence how much you win.

In this instance you can try out the various sub-games of each of these, as well as work on any strategy you wish to employ during real-money play.

Expected Value Roulette

Whether you’re playing table games or slots, there’s also the small matter of going big. Everyone’s wanted to experience what it’s like being a high roller once in a while, and demo play games are a good way of doing so. Players can max their bet to see how the game works when playing big, which can be more useful than just feeling like a superstar.

OK, so what’s the downside?

The most obvious one is that whatever you win, you don’t actually win. And that’s a pretty big downside, but only if you’re thinking of your cash and not the aforementioned reasons. Let’s be honest here, some games really are livened up by the thrill of hitting – or not hitting – the jackpot. Risk and reward is, after all, the essence of what makes gambling so exciting.

There’s another point to keep an eye out for too. You don’t necessarily always see the ‘full’ picture in demo play mode. Games are often geared towards showing you exactly what you get, with many speculating that they are a little more ‘generous’ in order to entice you in. Sure, you get to see the various features of the game but you don’t get an accurate gauge of what you could win. Often, things like progressive jackpots aren’t shown either.

That aside, there’s enough benefits to having a go at demo play games if you can. If you are someone that likes to ‘try before you buy’ then it’s a no brainer. If you like to win, and like to pocket what you win you may not get as much satisfaction. Still, next time you see a demo play of a new slot on offer, remember that it’s not just newbies who will benefit from having a spin.

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