Foxwoods and Novomatic team up to launch innovative stadium gaming concept

  • Rainmaker Stadium blends live dealers with electronic tables
  • Players in gaming arena can bet on multiple games at once

The Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut has debuted its innovative stadium gaming concept, which brings live dealer action to electronic table games in a high intensity arena environment.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino is launching an innovative stadium gaming concept.

The exciting new game system launched at the Rainmaker Casino this week, and the Mashantucket-led gaming venue plans to expand the concept into other casinos over the coming months and years.

The Rainmaker Stadium will offer blackjack and mini baccarat initially, though more games will be added at a later stage.

Players can bet on both these games simultaneously, or take part in just one or the other. Mini baccarat players can also opt into a range of exclusive side bets, all facilitated by Novomatic’s state of the art technology.

How does arena gaming work?

Players who enter the Rainmaker Stadium can take a seat at one of the thirty available game terminals, laid out in an arena-style set up. These terminals include a charger and a beverage holder, and a comfortable chair facing the huge stadium screens.

On these screens, live dealers are displayed. Players also have a smaller screen on the game terminal, which they can use to switch between games and to place their bets. Games play out just as they would at a live table, but with all the drama and excitement of a stadium experience – and the convenience of a personal gaming device!

Play Blackjack and Mini Baccarat live

The Rainmaker Stadium will offer a choice of two games initially: Blackjack and Mini Baccarat. Baccarat players can also make a range of side bets, facilitated by their gaming terminal. Dealers operate the games live, and players can watch and listen on huge widescreens as the cards are dealt. Players can bet on either game, or both at once.

There are plans to extend the arena gaming program further, with 24 new terminals planned at the Fox Tower Casino. The Fox Stadium will offer three new games, with details of these yet to be released. The expanded stadium should be complete by 2018.

When the Fox Stadium is set up, there will be a live link-up for games there and at the Rainmaker Stadium. Players at either venue will be able to choose from all six games, and place bets on each game type concurrently.

“Foxwoods is focused on giving players an intuitive and entertaining gaming experience,” said Foxwoods’ table games VP Wayne Theiss. “With Rainmaker Stadium, we are able to deliver a premier dealer-assisted electronic table game that combines a personalized feel with seamless multi-game action.”

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