Four ways to improve your poker skills

  • Make use of the many free and paid resources to build your skills
  • Options suitable for every depth of pocket

Have you hit a wall with your poker playing? Do you need something extra to give you that edge?

Sure, it’s an investment of time – and possibly even money – to work on your skills and take your game to the next level, but it can certainly be worth it, both in terms of satisfaction and cold hard cash.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your playing and learn to lay cards like a pro.


Let’s start with the most old school – and priciest – method. Hire a personal tutor to coach you in the art of winning.

This might not be a face to face option for those who live in more remote, or less gambling-friendly areas, but thanks to the joy of Skype, FaceTime and similar platforms, you can have an experience that’s almost as personal.

There are clear benefits to working with a human being one-on-one: they can provide live demonstrations and everything is at your pace and tailored for you (meaning you don’t waste time on generics or stuff you already know). To find a tutor, check out the many dedicated online sites advertising coaching.

It may take a little time to ensure you’re getting the right company or teacher, but the results will be worth it. Forums are also a great place to get recommendations.


Computer applications
Apps can be a great way to boost your Poker skills.

Can’t afford a tutor, or can’t commit the time? Try an app.

There’s an app for everything from mindfulness to mingling, so open your app store and search up your very own virtual tutor for on-the-go learning to fit the most hectic of lifestyles.

A huge benefit of this method is that apps come with user ratings, meaning you can quickly see which ones are effective and they’re super cheap or free.

Apps can help you calculate odds, offer tutorial videos and enable you to track your progress – what’s not to love?


If you’re not a millenial and don’t have children around, you might be unaware of the plethora of YouTubers offering online instruction in everything imaginable.

Some of these take the form of the “expert” playing a game and commentating while you watch, some offer “how to” guides and others have episodes tailored to improving particular aspects of your game.

It’s an Alice in Wonderland rabbit warren, so be warned, once you dive in, you might be gone some time.

It’s a visual way to get some good tips; just be aware that anyone can upload video, so make sure you’re learning from someone who does know what they’re talking about – the comments and views listed beneath are a good way to get a picture of this.

This is a free method, but may involve watching annoying sponsored adverts or shameless plugs for paid courses.


best tablets for online casino
Features and articles can be a great help to online casino players.

Good old faithful journalism, we love it. There are loads of reputable websites, books and publications offering help, and reading is a great way to get a break from video screens.

As with YouTube, make sure you’re not genning up on some nonsense. Of course Casinopedia is a great place to start and completely free.,.

We provide guides to all the popular casino games, with a dedicated section to help you make the most of your poker, as well as a list of the top recommended casinos in which to play it.

So take a look and make it part of your New Year’s resolution to up your game in 2018.

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