Four reasons why Spinit Casino is the place to be this week

Let’s cut to the chase, it’s a headline you’ve probably seen a million times before. And, if you’ve any sense you’re probably even wondering how every casino can always be ‘the best one’ to play at, right?

The short answer is that there isn’t a best casino (there goes our headline). But, in the interests of offering you some insight into what’s hot and what’s not – and keeping you well stocked in enough listicles to last the impending nuclear holocaust – it’s only fair that you know which online casino has done something of note. In this case, that’s introducing a shed load of games.

That’s right, Spinit Casino has added some of the latest slots to be released to its impressive catalogue. It’s a common occurrence for casinos to do this, but let’s take a look at what you’ll find if you fancy logging in.

Planet Fortune

Play'n go planet fortune
Any slot with the word fortune in its title is definitely worth checking out, and Play’n GO’s new one is no different. Sure, that ‘fortune’ is very much dependant on lady luck – why does she always have to get involved?! – but get stuck into the spins and you’ll find plenty to write home about.

The 40-payline title takes its inspiration from 1960s space films/culture, which is actually not a path that’s too well trodden in slots. And that’s a good thing.

Players take on the role of astronaut hunting for space treasures, encountering plenty of bonuses and extra features along the way, as well as free spins. As ever with slots, finding a particular symbol – in this case a robot – will yield some big wins.

Twin Spin Deluxe

Netent Twin Spin Deluxe
Admittedly, at first read it sounds more like the name for a new washing machine than a slot, but NetEnt’s fruit machine-inspired game is most certainly the latter. That a lack of free spins or features may make a root around for lost coins in the washing machine more rewarding is something that we’ll overlook.

Lovers of fruit machines and classic slots will have a field day with this title – there is often beauty in simplicity after all. NetEnt has gone big on graphics, meaning that all your favourite cherry symbols and more are displayed in crisp detail.

Six reels and five rows mean that the game requires a minimum of nine matching symbols to create winning combinations. The more symbols you match, the more the game pays out, so it’s one that’s worth spending some time on. And you get to look at fruit…

Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse

The Universal Monsters: The Phantom's Curse slot's base game.
NetEnt’s new title is – as you may have guessed – based on the classic Phantom of the Opera tale. It’s a five reel, four row and 40 fixed payline slot that has plenty of bonus features and lush graphics.

The imagery is great on this title, with the backdrop of a packed opera and the well detailed symbols making for a pretty immersive game. As well as the base game, players will find bonus games and extra features like masked phantom wilds, a pick and click bonus game and more.

There’s also a free spins round, which involves the phantom himself, some chandeliers and the opportunity to achieve some big wins.

Wild Seas

Wild Seas Slot
Wild Seas is pirate themed. That means you can expect seafaring, ships, flags, cannons, guns and – of course – treasure. Fortunately for you finding that treasure doesn’t involve floating half way round the world while dealing with scurvy and a parrot on your shoulder.

No, with Wild Seas you can sit comfortably at your desk with the potential to win 1,700 times your initial stake, which is a pretty impressive hit rate. The base game features five reels and 178 paylines, and there’s also wild symbols and free spins to keep an eye out for.

The free spins round, unlike some slots, is actually quite fun. It’s activated by finding the aforementioned wild symbol and involves a number of pirate ships doing battle on-screen. All round it’s a fun game with a good theme, and it’s well worth a spin or two.

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