Four hacks that will give you more perks and a better experience at online casinos

  • Discover the perks and extras you didn’t know you could get
  • Make the most of your online casino by being savvy

Gambling is a business like any other when it comes down to it, with marketing strategies and perks lurking beneath the surface.

Get more out of your online casino.
Get more out of your online casino.

So, when it comes to your online casino, you gotta know how to play the game in more ways than one. Online casinos want your custom, but in order to make the most of what they have to offer, you need to have a little knowledge.

Here are our tips for getting ahead of the rest.

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Port your status

This might sound like something from a futuristic space-based film, but it actually refers to making the most of your position on the VIP ladder.

If you’re a high roller, have been loyal to one brand and now fancy a change, you might be reticent to start over somewhere new if you’re sitting sky high in their ranks.

But did you know that some casinos will consider fast tracking you up the echelons of their own scheme? The caveat to this is that you’ll have to provide evidence to prove your current status, but it’s well worth it for a hefty leg up.

Some sites advertise this on their websites, while others keep it under wraps, so if in doubt and you fancy a change, just ask.

Online Casino VIP players
The VIP treatment should follow you wherever you go

You shouldn’t be left with inferior service if you are a major player.

Boost your bonus

The old adage: ask and you shall receive is certainly the battle cry of the player who wants some juicy extras or perks.

As with the VIP status fast track, when it comes to bonuses, it pays (quite literally) to ask.

Often casinos will have sneaky little treats available that don’t get advertised, so it’s worth popping onto live chat and asking. Reload bonuses often fall into this category and if you’re one who likes to splash the cash, you’ll be in a particularly strong position to negotiate.

And remember, don’t be bolshy, but be friendly and persistent you might bag yourself a good deal.

Know your limits

Reputable casinos will be committed to responsible gambling and if you check the small print, you’ll often find that it’s possible to set self-imposed limits or even ban yourself from a casino completely.

This might come as a surprise, given that obviously it’s in a casino’s interest to keep taking your money, but this is in place for safety reasons.

So if your wagering is spiralling out of control or you’re rubbish at keeping to budgets, get a limit in place and you’ll be stopped in your tracks before you go too far.

If you don’t want to go all the way for self-exclusion, you can often opt for cool-off periods, limits on wagering, limits on time spent on the site and a range of other curbs to keep you in check.

And remember, if you are experiencing problems with gambling, it always pays to talk to someone, including a friends or family, a gambling charity, advice service, or the casino itself, to see what support is available.

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Big up with bitcoin

If you’re conventional when it comes to your finances, then you may not have considered using a cryptocurrency.

But if you’re into the supposed currency of the future, or are looking for a practical application for this rather non-tangible asset, then a Bitcoin casino may be worth a visit.

Bitcoin has many advantages in terms of anonymity (great if you want to keep your gambling transactions totally separate and untraceable from everything else), but it also has the advantage, or disadvantage of market fluctuation.

Bitcoin casinos are attracting interest
Betting with bitcoin – it’s like a double gamble – the wager, and the price.

So, when you bet with bitcoin, it’s not only the game return that is factored in, but the continually changing value of the currency with which you’re playing.

Bear in mind that while your Bitcoins could be worth substantially more by the time it comes to cash out, it’s also possible for the reverse to be true.

And if you had gambled with bitcoin and hit some of the massive jackpots seen over the years, that money will be worth a lot more today, thanks to the huge price rises.

If this sounds right up your street, check out our guide to the best bitcoin casinos and you can read more about great bonus offers in our comprehensive guide.

It’s always worth scanning the market to find a brand that’ll help you make the most of your experience, especially as things are always changing with ongoing developments which will give you plenty to get excited about.

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