Here comes the Money! Floyd Mayweather wins big at Las Vegas casino

  • Star boxer hits poker jackpot days after big win in ring
  • Billionaire athlete showed off his win on Instagram

Floyd Mayweather has hit the headlines once again after showing off his winning streak – but this time the loser wasn’t a boxing opponent, but a poker machine in a Las Vegas casino.

Floyd Mayweather added $100,000 to his billion dollar fortune in Las Vegas. Pictures: Instagram @FloydMayweather
Floyd Mayweather added $100,000 to his billion dollar fortune in Las Vegas. Pictures: Instagram @FloydMayweather

The undefeated former boxing champion and Instagram icon took to social media to share news of his impressive win, which came to more than $100,000.

While the sum may be little more than pocket change to the billionaire boxer, it shows that the Money’s current lucky streak shows no sign of cooling down.

Double poker win for Mayweather

Mayweather posted an image on Instagram of his video poker screen and his winning tickets, indicating a win of $105,000. He also claimed to have scooped another $70,000 earlier in the day – bringing the total to an impressive $175,000.

A later post to the social network showed Mayweather sitting with a case full of cash, and captioned “Headed to @GirlCollection” – the boxer’s own gentleman’s club on the Las Vegas Strip.

Mayweather is well known on social media for flaunting his assets – of which he has plenty.

The athlete is now thought to be worth a cool billion dollars, thanks to a record-breaking income from his recent box office fight against Conor McGregor.

Record-breaking earnings from big fight

The boxer is thought to have netted around $300 million from his fight with UFC’s Conor McGregor last month, with American audiences paying around $96 each to see the fight on TV.

However, gate receipts fell short of Mayweather’s record-breaking Pacquiao bout, with just $55.4 million reported in sales.

Las Vegas’ bookmakers and betting firms won big when Mayweather made his victory, after an estimated 80% of all money was placed on his opponent to win.

The huge gamble paid off for the operators, who would have suffered catastrophic losses if the underdog had managed to secure the win.

Boxing has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and the betting industry has played a key role in putting big fights back in the spotlight.

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