Floyd Mayweather strikes deal to make mobile gaming debut as presenter of Wild Poker

  • Use special character skills to get one up on your opponent’s
  • Floyd Mayweather calls Wild Poker ‘the best ever’

Fresh from making a cool $100 million for taking his professional boxing fight record to an all-time record 50-0 with a tenth-round stoppage of MMA champ Conor McGregor earlier this summer, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s stock has never been higher and the plethora of commercial opportunities seemingly endless.

In his latest venture, Mayweather has proved he is somewhat of a poker fan as he presents the latest game by PlayTRex and Hero Digital Entertainment ‘Wild Poker’.

Go toe to toe with Mayweather

The reality of any layperson getting in to a ring with Mayweather would resemble something like running around like a headless chicken before ‘Money’ laying them out on the canvas within 10 seconds of the first bell – and that would still considered a good effort.

But the prospect of facing Mayweather on the poker table levels the playing field somewhat.

That is exactly what players get to do in Wild Poker, as the man who held 15 world titles throughout his boxing career assumes the role of presenter and even a character within in the game which even allows you to play your hands as the main man himself.

The best ever

Wild Poker is a unique version of the traditional Texas Hold’em with an animal kingdom theme that has advanced-looking graphics.

The game boasts entertaining new elements such as strategy and adventure, real-time decision-making, power-ups, an in-built journey, and character development which enables the featured animal characters to boast special skills unique to each character.

All of the social casino elements are here in Mayweather's Wild Poker - including video game elements like power ups and achievements.
All of the social casino elements are here in Mayweather’s Wild Poker – including video game elements like power ups and achievements.

The Mayweather character in the game harbours his own set of special skills in the game which can be used to the player’s advantage to get the better of opponents.

Putting his name to the game was clearly an easy decision for Mayweather, who said in an official statement: “As soon as I saw Wild Poker, I knew I wanted to become part of it, I’m constantly asked to put my name on stuff, but Wild Poker is different than any game I’ve ever seen.

“It’s poker, but it goes to the next level. There’s a whole new level of strategy with the power ups. It’s a cutting-edge game, this is that next thing, and like everything I put my name on, Wild Poker is the best ever.”

The deal

For those unfamiliar with PlayTRex, they are an Israeli-based gaming development company whose aim is all about reinventing social gaming.

Founded only in 2016, the team headed by CEO Daniel Kashmir have focused heavily on why led people are playing poker online and developed the unique Wild Poker whilst game has been published by American app publisher Hero Digital Entertainment.

The partnership for Floyd Mayweather to feature in the game was arranged by ONE Entertainment who count Mayweather as a client and are big players in the entertainment world.

One Entertainments CEO Brent A. Johnson, JD said: “Merging the mobile gaming experience with Brand Mayweather was an organic fit. ONE Entertainment looks forward to introducing Wild Poker to Floyd’s 50 million plus global fan base.

“This partnership is a sneak preview of the future of the brand’s diverse and entertainment-fuelled portfolio post-fighting,”

Floyd Mayweather stars in the new Wild Poker social casino game.
Has Floyd Money Mayweather hit another goldmine?

The partnership with Mayweather is also a coup for PlayTRex with CEO Daniel Kashmir commenting: “Our mission with Wild Poker is to evolve the social casino genre to make it more fun and appealing to all types of players. By adding Floyd as a presenter within the game, it shows that we are committed to providing game experiences that can’t be found in any other social casino game.”

Retirement plans

Despite officially retiring from boxing after the McGregor fight, it seems Mayweather has no intention of slowing down as he adds another facet to his ever-expanding business portfolio.

Getting into the mobile gaming sector is seemingly a sensible move – with many sports starts including Dwyane Wade, Christiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt already having been involved in poker ambassador roles.

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