Five things you should know about online slots

No two slots are the same. A glance at any online casino’s slots catalogue will show you that themes, genres, developers, types of jackpot and much more make the choice of what to play – and how to play it – a difficult one.

Indeed, even when you can nail it down to what type of slot you want to play, the choice is endless. And that’s not even thinking about how to get the very best out of the game.

slot reels

When you’re spinning the reels there’s a lot more to know than just what you can see that can influence your playing experience. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at five things you really should know about online slots.

They really are random

Everyone has heard a tale of one unlucky soul who sits pumping coins into a slot all day, only for the next player to come along to pop one coin in and pick up the jackpot. Have they done the hard work? No. And by rights, it shouldn’t be theirs.

But that’s the luck of the draw, and the same can be said for online slots too. Everyone slot you play – regardless of what it is or where you’re playing it – uses a random number generator.

This means that you’ve the same chance of taking home the jackpot every time you play, and every time you spin. What does that mean in terms of how you play?

It means that the idea of ‘warming up the game’ or working towards a win because ‘your luck has to change’ just doesn’t exist. Have a limit, stick to it and bet smartly. If it doesn’t look like it’s going your way, switch to something else.

Know your RTPs

RTP means return to player, and it’s a crucial piece of information to know about every slot you play.

In short, it determines on average how much money you can expect back from your slot play, excluding major wins.

A slot with an RTP of 98% for example, dictates that for every £100 you pile in, you can expect to get £98 back. It’s a fairly simple idea to embrace but shows you your chances before you start.

A good example of a high RTP game is Playtech’s Goblin’s Cave, which has an RTP of 99.32%, whereas some in some land based casinos can have an RTP as low as 30%.

What about volatility?

Just like RTP, knowing volatility – and the difference between high and low – is an important asset. High volatility slots give you a number of big wins in a relatively short timeframe. The flip side of that is that you’ll often find a lengthy period of not taking in anything.

Low volatility, on the other hand, give you regular wins but they are also much smaller in terms of how much you’ll receive.

There’s no right or wrong here, and we’re not advocating one over the other. The choice is largely down to player preference but it’s worth knowing. Get it wrong, for example, and it can put you off slots play big time but get it right and it’s the ticket to playing and winning on your terms.

Know as much as you can about progressive slots

If you wanna achieve some big wins, you probably know by now that it’s the progressive jackpots that prove the most fruitful.

progressive jackpots

Slots that aren’t progressive have a fixed jackpot – it’s decent, but it doesn’t change. Progressive slots jackpots rise as you, and other players, keep spinning because a percentage of the wager contributes to the game’s jackpot.

To make sure you come away a true winner, be sure you know the jackpot requirements of the game you choose. Some, for example, are very simple and let you win big with any wager. Others, though, require a winning spin to be played with the maximum number of coins eligible.

If you get that wrong, it can mean something like the million quid you think you’ve just pocketed couldn’t actually be yours. And no one wants that.

Read the small print

Ok, this is always a dull one for anyone. But, when you’re registering with a casino and you’re spending your own money it’s important to know exactly what you’re doing.

Some slots, for example, can tie in to specific welcome bonuses or wagering requirements that will have an impact on what you make.

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