Five things you can buy that will improve your online casino experience

You’ve got to invest to improve. The more you put in, the more you get out.

But surely when it comes to online casinos, it is just down to luck, right?

Wrong. Here’s five things you can invest in to make your experience more profitable, more fun, and safer.

5. Internet blockers

No matter how much fun you have shoving digital coins into digital slots, the games are designed to never let you go.

Time for a limit at the casino? There's a huge range you can dip in to from deposit, losses and time itself.
Knowing when to stop is a big part of having fun.

But you have to eat, drink, go to the bathroom and more, so setting up your computer to force you take a break is not a bad idea especially if you’re someone who finds that hours can fly by while at the screen.

Most good online casinos will allow you to set yourself limitations on how much you can spend, lose, or stake in a given period.

Their options for time based limiters are good, but some may vary in quality and flexibility and may require more self control to set up

For a harder stop, tools like Freedom and StayFocused allow you to block the internet on your devices based on all sorts of parameters.

If you just want a five minute break every hour you can program that, or if you feel you need a longer break you can set the machine up to block the internet or certain sites all day.

These sort of apps can’t be undone until the allotted time is out so they take all the effort out of self-control, giving you more control over your time by taking away the temptation for just one more spin of the wheel.

4. A comfortable set up

After putting your thought into where to play online – the software offered, bonuses, whether they use six or eight decks for their blackjack games – you should put a little care into the place you are actually physically playing.

Make yourself comfortable at home.
Make yourself comfortable at home.

With a few tweaks you can turn your home workspace into into something as luxurious as any Vegas VIP lounge.

A good chair makes all the difference if you play for a long sessions – either trying to keep your hot streak warm or trying to win back a particularly stinging loss.

You also want to pay attention to your desk: adjustable desks can reduce the strain on your neck and wrists.
If you’re into following lifehacker trends a standing desk allows you to play craps while working out or stretching.

Comfy and – so they say – healthy!

However you end up choosing to do it, investing in your IRL workspace can massively improve your online experience.

3. A decent screen

Like your office equipment a quick practical change that will greatly boost your enjoyment while playing online, is simply to upgrade your decent screen. Something high def, with really black blacks and proper brightness is just nicer to look at.

A decent-sized computer monitor will only enhance your experience if you are playing via a desktop.
A decent-sized computer monitor will only enhance your experience if you are playing via a desktop.

With all the design that goes into casino software, it’s worth giving it a proper chance to shine. A good screen can turn your live roulette video from a gnarly youtube clip into an almost cinematic experience.

And if you go for a big enough model and it’s like being in the casino for real.

Read our guide to live casinos to see how you can get started on this thrilling online experience.

2. A thorough library

Like any experience from wine tasting to bricklaying, the more you know about what you’re doing the more engaging the experience.

This makes a good reference library is vital: rule books, strategy guides, and glossaries exist in myriad forms and editions to answer your questions, but can provide you with much more than that.

As well as being a source of information your library gives you access to different ways of enjoying your game of choice.

Playing craps is fun in and of itself, but knowing the stories of Nick the Greek adds high-romance to the experience, knowing the history of dice games puts you in the context of the sweep of human history, and knowing the mathematics allows you to conduct deeper analysis of the game as you play.

The written word is the gift that keeps on giving, so get in on some of that action.

1. Tracking software

Speaking of knowledge, nothing saps the fun out of something more than administration.

But keeping track of what you’ve bet on, where and for how much is important for improving your game and managing your finances. A good bet tracking software will organise all this for you.

Mayana by Quickspin slot
Keeping track of your wins is a good way to assess your performance.

Tracking software takes the data from your betting accounts and records them in ways that make analysing your performance, doing your end of year accounting, and keeping track of your casino bonuses far easier.

For sports bettors it can remind you when to put the TV on to catch the game when you make a bet way in advance as much as keeping track of what those bets are.

You could do it all with a spreadsheet, or pay a few bucks for some good software and let your computer take all the backache out of it.

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