Five of the simplest online casino slots you can play today – and where best to play them

The world of online slots is advancing in technology and art every year, with new games that feature movie-level CGI animations and even do away with the standard five reels entirely.

Five of the simplest slots you can spin today.
Five of the simplest slots you can spin today.

However, there are always those players who prefer to keep things simple – who like the classic, casual slots that don’t confuse the player with bells and whistles (though they may contain bells).

If you’re a classic slot fan or just fancy a change of pace, it’s worth checking out some of these slots that hark back to the days of old fashioned fruit machines or one-armed bandits.

Many players choose them simply for the fact that they require less processing power, ideal for an old PC or laptop, or limited internet connection.

Mostly three-reel based, these are the games that show us how video slots are built, stripping back the gimmicks to give a purer gambling experience.

No flashy animations, just a clear-cut spin of the reels.

Jackpot Cherries

This is a great example of a classic 3-reel slot game. This is essentially a virtual slot machine – it has nothing extra that you won’t find on a traditional real-world arcade slot machine.

The game design even reflects this by showing the machine unit. Perfect for complete beginners, this game has no overriding theme or clever notions.

You wanted simple? Jackpot Cherries has one payline, and two winning symbol combinations. It does have a nudge feature however.
You wanted simple? Jackpot Cherries has one payline, and two winning symbol combinations. It does have a nudge feature however.

In fact, the game only has three symbols- cherries, 0 and jackpot, so it truly is back to basics. The game also features the hold and nudge options of a real-world slot machine, so you get the full experience of managing those three reels, trying to land a winning combo.

If you don’t even want to think that much, you can select auto-nudge to produce the best wins for you.

The game has a jackpot at the humble rate of 25x coin size, so you can have a fun win without the pressure or temptation of a massive progressive jackpot.

With a reasonable RTP of 95.01% this slot can be played at Casino Euro.

Party Line

This 3-reel slot has a classic structure but involves a little colour too, to make it a bit more fun. Players have one line to bet on and simply want three matching symbols to land across the middle. These range from cocktails of various colours to the party hats, which are worth up to 4,000 coins.

The Party Line slot by Playtech.
The Party Line slot by Playtech.

The theme is a party, from the symbols of music and drinks to a colourful background with an animated balloon. Slot games simply don’t get any more simple – there aren’t even any bonus rounds. The only extra here is the colourful appearance, which will appeal to some players.

For that classic experience with just the minimum of ‘frills’, this is a good choice.

Playtech created this game and it can be found on most sites that host their games, such as Bet365 Casino.

Fluffy Favourites

Okay, this is a 5-reel game, but it’s perhaps the most simple and casual 5-reel game out there.

Fluffy Favourites - it sure is...cute.
Fluffy Favourites – it sure is…cute.

Nobody can accuse Fluffy Favourites of being high-octane, complicated or over-designed. The game setting is… well, a tent in a field.

A bunch of adorable, cartoon animals drawn in a childlike crayon-art style feature on the reels.

Lovers of all things cute and fluffy will definitely like this game and despite it being right at the bottom end of 5-reel complexity, it has proven incredibly popular, often featuring on bingo sites but also major slot sites like bgo.

You have some control of your bet size and number of lines, so it’s a nice bridge between barebones 3-reel gaming and multi-line 5-reel gaming.

The pink elephant can trigger free spins, perhaps the simplest of all bonus rounds, or there’s a Toybox Pick feature where you simply pick a symbol and see what you win. Simple, casual and relaxing.

As mentioned, this game can be played at Powerspins and bgo Casinos.


This is a truly simple 3-reel game, even down to showing the actual machine unit in the same fashion as Jackpot Cherries (it is designed by Realistic Games as well). However, this time there’s no nudge or hold, so that mechanic won’t affect you.

Pentagram slot by Realistic Games. Simple, but effective.
Pentagram slot by Realistic Games. Simple, but effective.

There is, however, a more complex paytable with several symbols. Three 7s is the top prize for 250x your bet.

Pentagram has five win lines, which are not adjustable, so it’s a little step beyond the classic 3-reel game.

This slot has a bonus round, which is a free spins round if you land the full pentagram logo. A solitary pentagram symbol can also double a win.

In short, this game has a hint of the features of more complex games, but still feels like a standard 3-reel, casual slot. The theme of magic and witchcraft is fun and gives the game some character, without being distracting or involving unnecessary animations.

You can play this slot at Unibet Casino right now. It also has a deposit bonus offer of 200% on first deposits. (Ts and Cs apply)

Gold Rally

This super-simple slot is made by Playtech and found at several casinos that host their games, such as Bet365. A nice touch to Gold Rally is that it goes beyond the basic 3 reels without getting too crazy – it actually uses a grid system with eight lines. Imagine a cube, forming a kind of noughts and crosses/tic-tac-toe of slots.

Gold Rally slot by Playtech.
Gold Rally slot by Playtech.

This is perfect if you want the vibe of a classic slot, but with a little something extra. Gold Rally also has quite nice artwork, showing a team of brave explorers in a gold mine. The game features some simple extras like auto play and turbo mode.

Playing with the full eight lines opens up a chance to win a jackpot. Landing four dynamite symbols triggers the bonus round, which is a very quick pick-and-win mechanism where you pick dynamite to explode and reveal gold.

A little fancier than your standard 3-reel slot, but still quick and casual.

Many online casinos use Playtech software, but not all carry this game. Try Betfair and William Hill Casino if you want to get started now.

Want to get started with slots, or find out where best to play? Read our guide before you spin!

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