REVEALED: The Five Most Outrageous Casino Videos of 2017

  • When casino life gets crazy, so do the players
  • Watch epic fails and wins both on and off the tables

With so many casinos around the world and so many players stepping through their doors, they’re bound to be the backdrop for some downright crazy antics from time to time.

Here are some shocking videos that caught our attention in 2017 and induced more than a few giggles (plus the occasional facepalm).

A whole new meaning to craps

Imagine being asked to leave a casino because you’d pooped your pants.

Well that’s what happened to this guy.

Except he maintains that it was all a dirty (in more ways than one) lie and that he was really asked to leave because he was on a winning streak.

Casino bosses claim that the streak was in his undies and not at the tables though.

But we thought craps were allowed in the casino?

What the heist?

Of all the casinos in all the world at which you might attempt a robbery, Las Vegas’ Bellagio seems the most ostentatious.

But one lone chancer did just that with amazing success and this footage catches the very moment. This is a casino of true gamblers, and with everyone so focussed on their game, hardly anyone batted an eyelid.

An eye-popping recruitment ad

The Las Vegas style appears to extend as far as recruitment advertising.

This advert for dancing dealers was about as Vegas as it gets. The promise of glamor, beautiful people, money and above all, fun.

This particular ad was for the D Casino Hotel and Golden Gate casinos in Sin City. It’s a wonder players can concentrate on their optimal blackjack play with all that gyrating going on. Maybe that’s the idea…

Dirty dancing

A sexy spontaneous dance breaks out on the casino floor, but wait – it’s an elderly couple gyrating together a la Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

This adorable granny and grandad went viral after being caught on camera strutting their stuff and quite right too. It’s cute and funny – if a little disconcerting – but we love it.

A Saudi prince’s epic losses

Apparently this Saudi Prince lost $350 million dollars at a casino in six hours.

That’s pretty bad, but it gets worse… He also lost five of his wives. Apparently.

Although perhaps this was just an elaborate way of lightening his load spouse-wise – when you’ve got that many you can afford to shed a handful, and when you’re $350 million in the hole, it’s probably a good time to start making cutbacks.

This story was later exposed as a hoax, but not before several news outlets had covered it. Never let facts get in the way of a good bit of fake news!

Out-rage-ous behaviour

Have you ever had a flutter and felt your frustrations growing to rage levels?

Have you been tempted to smash up a machine that won’t pay out – or another player’s face when the cards are not in your favour?

Whatever the situation here, the video that surfaced this year from the Rivers Casino in Schenectady, NY, shows a good old-fashioned scuffle, or fracas, if you prefer.

WARNING: Contains strong language and violent scenes.

After the video went viral, the casino released a statement saying that the incident involved two individuals, who were quickly separated, ejected from the casino, and handed lifetime bans from the establishment.

Although strange happenings aren’t limited to land-based casinos, with the odd troll popping up on online live casino play to throw the dealer off-guard, they do tend to take place where large numbers of people are gathered together.

So, if you want to catch some potential entertainment then head into town and keep your eyes peeled.

However, if you prefer a quiet, incident-free gamble, you’re better off sticking to online casinos. Here’s a few of our favourites.

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