FIVE casino games to help you celebrate the happiest day of the year!


Smile: it’s the happiest day of the year after all. That’s right, according the The Telegraph, July 14 is officially the happiest day in the calendar year according to experts. If you’re wondering what it takes to become a happiness expert, incidentally, there doesn’t appear to be a fixed career route, though having a positive outlook on life will probably help.

You don’t need to have a job as a happiness expert or even to have a job at all to spend today sporting an ear to ear grin however. On this happiest of happy Fridays, everyone gets to feel good.

If those feel-good vibes have yet to envelop you, fear not: we’ve assembled five online casino games that are made out of pure happiness. Cute, charming and darn irresistible, they’re the stuff that euphoric Friday feelings are made of. After all, it’s not as if you were planning on doing any work for the rest of today.

The Naked Gun

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naked gun slot

The first game that’ll have you grinning before you’ve won so much as a single coin from it is The Naked Gun. Blueprint Gaming’s hilarious take on the 90s movie features bumbling cop Frank Drebben, played by Leslie Neilsen, and a whole lot of double entendres.

Back in the day there was a fleeting period in which OJ Simpson was best known for being an actor. His character of Nordberg has been airbrushed from The Naked Gun slot but with Captain Ed Hocken, Jane Spencer and Vincent Ludwig on hand, there’s more than enough mavericks to keep you chuckling away to yourself as you roll the reels of this ridiculously fun game.

American Dad

Next up we’ve got another licensed online slot conversion in the form of American Dad. This one’s been handled by Playtech and it’s rich with the sort of humour that made American Dad the funniest adult cartoon after that other Seth MacFarlane cartoon.

With the whole Smith family present and accounted for including Steve, Hayley, Stan and Klaus, the East German who’s been reincarnated as a goldfish, the stage is set for a riotous ride across the game’s 5 reels and 40 paylines.

Features such as Roger’s Random Wilds, Francine’s Holy Grail and Hayley’s Progressive Multiplier will keep you cackling merrily while your coin count stacks up.

Happy Birds

Are you feeling happy yet? No? Never fear cos the next number will sort you right out. You’ve heard of Angry Birds. Now say hello to Happy Birds, an iSoftBet slot that’s all sweetness and light.

There are 243 ways to win and a lush cartoon world characterised by immersive 3D graphics, blue skies and a whole lot of happy birds. Short of returning to the womb and entering a stage of embryonic bliss, this is the most content you will ever feel.

Pixies of the Forest

pixies of the forest
Once you’ve finished cooing over all the cuteness in Happy Birds, it’s on to our final happy-inducing slot of the day: Pixies of the Forest. If those adorable avians haven’t captured your heart, the frolicking fairies from this IGT slot will. Pixies of the Forest is a real beauty of a game, one that comes with liberal portions of fairy dust and a copious dollop of cute. This is the stuff that productive Friday afternoons are made of.


Our final recommendation isn’t a slot, it’s an instant win game, but it’s a little gem. Asteroids by Pariplay is an epic space blaster that feels more like you’re playing a classic arcade shoot ‘em up. That might have something to do with the Atari logo that appears onscreen. You’ll nostalgia hard for the games of your youth as you blast away at space rock that’s blocking your path across the galaxy.

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