Why you should be playing progressive jackpot slots

  • Find out which slots are topping the record books
  • These games are bona fide millionaire makers

To play progressive jackpot slots or not to play progressive jackpot slots, that is the question.

If you’re chasing the big win have a decent bankroll behind you then there is absolutely no doubt that you should be turning to play a progressive jackpot slot.

Put simply progressive slots are like a lottery rollover : it’s a pot of prize money that continues to increase as it’s played until one jammy player wins the lot, at which point it’s reset (with the casino contributing a base amount, known as the seed).

Many people have won life-changing amounts of money on these slots, sometimes known as jackpot slots and while the return to player (RTP) may not be as high as non-progressive alternatives, but if you are going to chase something it is best to go for the jugular.

We reckon the five slot games below, are five of the best slots that boast a progressive jackpot and if you haven’t played jackpot slots before then you could do a lot worse than start by spinning one of the titles below.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah reels
Mega Moolah has a habit of paying out life-changing jackpots don’t delay

This game, when played at Betway Casino by one extremely lucky chap, landed its place in the Guinness Book of World Records with a cool £13.2 million win from a meagre 25p bet.

The progressive jackpot on this is pretty sweet and is certainly where the bounty lies.

Lightning might not strike twice, but it’s worth a try, so if you fancy your chances head to Betway Casino and make an attempt to break the record again.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune progressive slot game
The Mega Fortune progressive slot game has recently paid out £3.2M.

The suggestion is there in the title that this might be a lucrative game, but does it live up to its name? Well, it’s the bonus round wheel of fortune spin that holds the potential to win big – and the jackpot holds some serious cash.

It was this game which held the world record at £13.19 million, before being overtaken by Mega Moolah and the progressive slot has a solid record of dispensing massive prizes. Perhaps it’s worth a shot at taking Mega Fortune back into the record books.

We recommend you head over to LeoVegas Casino to give Mega Fortune a spin.

Jackpot Giant

Playtech’s Jungle Giants slot game is one of the most well designed progressive jackpot slots around.

Win this giant’s giant jackpot and you can walk away with 50,000 times your line bet.

Playtech are the creators of this game and oblige their players to wager the max bet, so do be aware that you need to play at the full stake (4 coins) to be eligible, but with this many zeros on offer, it’s an exciting gamble.

Plus Jackpot Giant has a fun theme, high quality graphics and endearing animation that makes it an enjoyably cute experience.

Gladiator Jackpot

Gladiator Jackpot is exactly like the original Gladiator slot produced both by Playtech but has a progressive jackpot element to it
Gladiator Jackpot is exactly like the original Gladiator slot produced both by Playtech but has a progressive jackpot element to it

Another one from Playtech and an upgrade from the original Gladiator slot, this follows the imagery of the film pretty closely – if you’re a fan of the blockbuster it’s a great way to relive epic the drama.

This year saw a £1,365,870 win from just a £30 deposit and 0.25 per spin playing at bgo Casino, but the biggest win recorded was over 2 million.

Play this game with everybody’s favourite Gladiator, Maximus, and keep your fingers crossed for the 9 gold helmets you need for the maximum payout.

Head over to Powerspins for a great casino experience while trying your luck on the Gladiator progressive slot.

Beach Life

Beach Life progressive slot game
Grab your sunscreen and head to the beach, this slot progressive jackpot could change your life.

As winter sets in, escape to the sea, sun and sand of Beach Life and its chilled summery vibe. The graphics are snazzily cheesy and you might find you need sunglasses just to play the casino game, but there’s an effervescent cheeriness to it all that combats dark nights and distant holiday plans.

Don’t get too relaxed though, as after all this is all about chasing that jackpot, which once paid out over 5 million. To win this, you need 5 wilds on the 20th payline, although 5 on any other line will still pay out 100,000 coins, a nice boost to the holiday fund.

Have enough success with one of these games and you could be spending the rest of your days sipping cocktails on exotic shores, living the real life version of Beach Life.

Dive in at Betsafe Casino and try your luck at spinning for an overflowing pot of gold.

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