The Five Best Casinos in Macau

  • Taking a closer look at the best casinos in Macau
  • The resort destination is the gambling capital of China

Sorry Las Vegas, Macau is now the casino capital of the world.

Not the spiritual home, perhaps, but certainly the one which pulls in the most revenue.

It is an autonomous region much like Hong Kong, under the Chinese policy of one country, two systems.

What that means in practice is that Macau has its own legal system, public security, customs, currency and more casinos than you can shake a dice at.

More than that, it has some of the very best and most beautiful resort casinos in the world. We take a look at five of the best.

Studio City

Studio City casino is a spectacular resort casino with a distinctive design apparently based on the architecture of Gotham city.

Studio City, Macau. Just wow. Picture:
Studio City, Macau. Just wow. Picture:

Yes, Studio City is literally the bat casino.

Part of the resort experience includes a VR Batman experience, a Wonder Woman go-kart ride and the world’s only figure-eight ferris wheel right in the centre of the building. All the standard popular casino games are on offer as well as Sic Bo, a popular game in China which features three dice.

Wynn Palace

The Wynn Palace is owned by Steve Wynn, the owner of the largest casino in Vegas, often more simply titled Wynn. If any casino were built to take on the opulence and sheer audacity of the Wynn it is its Chinese namesake.

The Wynn Palace, Cotai, Macau. Picture:
The Wynn Palace, Cotai, Macau. Picture:

The casino features a lake as big as 25 football pitches complete with the obligatory gondolas which every good casino lake needs. The luxury hotel boasts 1,706 rooms, meeting facilities, a spa and salon and retail areas. The dining choices are in the double digits and a space elevator that looks like a shuttle pod on a zip wire offers breathtaking views of the whole resort.

Four Seasons Hotel Macao

It describes itself as the most intimate enclave of the coastal strip. Designed with a distinctly mediterranean style, The Four Seasons is a luxury hotel and casino with the casino taking up one whole side of the building, and the shopping and resort on the other.

The Four Seasons hotel in Macau.
The Four Seasons hotel in Macau.

One of the most eye-catching elements of the Four Seasons is that is has five outdoor pools with two standard pools, a lagoon pool and two for children. As you’d expect from a Four Seasons, everything is outstanding, and the casino itself is a regular host to some of Macau’s biggest high-rollers.

The Venetian

The Venetian in Macau is the reputedly the largest casino in the world coming in at a spectacular 10,500,000 square foot.

Gondola ride? You got it!
Gondola ride? You got it!

The great hall is a huge multi-level open space is decorated in gold and white and features unique curved escalators. The resort casino also plays host to sporting events and has a huge range of shops and services to offer visitors from around the globe. If you prefer to focus on gambling rather than anything else, the 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables at the Venetian mean you’ll never be without a place to make a bet.

Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is a real landmark hotel at the heart of Macau. Shaped like a lotus flower, it is a 47-storey tower with a distinctive architectural style, and is close to the Wynn Palace.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel is shaped like a lotus flower.
The Grand Lisboa Hotel is shaped like a lotus flower. Picture: Grand Lisboa Hotel

The main gambling floor has an expansive layout with high ceilings and splashes of colour everywhere. The hotel casino also boasts 14 different restaurants and 24-hour entertainment. Grand Lisboa truly has a flavour of Asia about it, meaning this casino truly earns its place as on of the great gambling spots of Macau.

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