First National Lottery multi-millionaire “died from good living”

  • Turbulent life of first rollover jackpot winner
  • Playboy gambler lifestyle may have contributed to death

The UK’s first National Lottery multi-millionaire has passed away aged 64, reports the Daily Mail.

First National Lottery multi-millionaire Mukhtar Mohidin dies
First National Lottery multi-millionaire Mukhtar Mohidin dies

Despite the vast wealth he won back in 1994, the rollover winner who once made headlines has been buried quietly in an unmarked grave following a small private ceremony.

It is thought that much of his wealth had been blown over the years to fund his extravagant lifestyle of traveling, gambling and drinking, and relatives suspect this “good living” contributed to the winner’s eventual demise.

Lottery rollover creates £17.9 million prize

The National Lottery game launched in November 1994 and had been operating for a month when Mukhtar Mohidin made the fateful decision to buy a ticket.

After being won during its first week, the jackpot prize rolled over for three consecutive weeks – building up a then-unimaginable £17.9 million jackpot fund.

When Mohidin’s numbers came up, he became the lottery’s first multi-millionaire winner.

From factory worker to jetsetting playboy

The incredible win transformed Mohidin’s life, allowing him to give up his factory job and move his family to a lavish new home.

Though his relationship with his wife broke down, he started a new relationship with an escort he spent time with regularly, and they had a child together. Mohidin spent his riches on exotic holidays and became a regular at the casinos.

However, the millionaire’s life was fraught with controversy. His former lover says he was violent, drunk and controlling, while his wife attributes his spending to the breakdown of their marriage.

Mohidin was also shunned by the religious community, as gambling and drinking are prohibited. By the end of his high roller, VIP casino lifestlye his millions were gone, and the Daily Mail reports that Mohidin was living in a £35-per-night Berkshire B&B when he died.

Tragic end for hard-living playboy

The former lottery winner is buried in an unmarked grave in Berkshire, having been laid to rest in a quiet personal ceremony. There is little to suggest the wealth and experience of the man who lays there.

Family say that he died “from good living” – the official report suggests that liver disease and heart disease could have contributed to the urinary tract infection that caused his death.

Others may argue that the former factory worker met his downfall because of the windfall he received, and that his life was changed for the worse by the win.

In 2006, the first ever National Lottery winner died aged 46 after battling with a brain tumor.

Ken Southwell won £839,000 in the game’s first ever draw in November 1994 – just weeks before Mohidin bagged his multi-million pound prize.

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