How the fidget spinner phenomenon can give online casino players the edge

  • Fidget spinners are one of the latest crazes, reducing stress and anxiety. Can they help in live casinos?
  • A fidget spinner just might help you stay focused and avoid making impulsive decisions

Fidget spinners of all shapes and sizes have been all the craze lately. Companies and individuals keep coming up with new ideas for these gizmos, while schools are going crazy, trying to ban them as the ultimate distractions.

Fidget spinners are the latest craze. Can they give online casino players the edge?
Fidget spinners are the latest craze. Can they give online casino players the edge?

But for casino fans, is it worth considering the potential role of fidget spinners within the context of casino games?

If you’re just a casual player that’s only been to a casino a couple of times, you might be wondering what in the world are we talking about?

However, regular casino visitors might think they could come in very handy, especially while playing online.

Keeping your hands busy

Casino players, especially those at the poker tables, never seem to rest their hands.

If you’ve ever entered a poker tournament hall while the game is underway, you could probably hardly hear anything over the sound of chips being shuffled. Because that’s what poker players do, while in a hand or while waiting for the next hand to be dealt; they keep their hands busy and calm their nerves shuffling the chips.

When you try playing online instead, your hand will instinctively reach for the non-existent stack of chips, especially when you get more involved with the action.

Of course, you’ll hit nothing but thin air, which can be a bit distracting. The answer (if you don’t have your own set of chips, of course): a fidget spinner!

Man gathering pile of chips at roulette table, close-up
Casino and poker players can be notorious fidgeters, so maybe the fidget spinner can help adult players?

There are all sorts of fidget spinners out there, so you can get the one you like the most, but the point is, it will largely compensate for the lack of physical chips while playing. For hardcore players with years of live experience, this can be a really efficient way to avoid being distracted and annoyed, which should help improve results as well.

Avoiding impulsive decisions

Even if you aren’t that big on shuffling chips, fidget spinners could be a useful “tool” in a live casino environment as well. When playing blackjack or roulette, your hand could impulsively move to make that bet you know you shouldn’t make.

With a fidget spinner, you could feel more relaxed and more focused, making better decisions.

And, if you are worried what the casino staff or other players might think about you, you shouldn’t.

Gamblers and poker players are notorious for carrying around all sorts of ridiculous things around as their “lucky charms” or who knows what. So, your fidget spinner will not make you stand out whatsoever. If anything, it might be a good conversation starter with the cute player playing next to you, in which case it might just become your lucky charm as well.

Stranger things happened in the casinos!

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