Women Who Wager: The facts on female online gambling revealed

  • More and more female players are signing up to online casinos for the first time
  • Live dealer games less popular with female audiences but slot games the most popular
  • Report suggests modern digital-focused lifestyles underpin the rise in the number of female players

New research from bgo casino, one of the biggest online casino operators, has revealed that just 2% of all wagers placed on live dealer casinos games at the online casino are placed by female players, despite females making up 40% of their players overall.

Figures obtained by Casinopedia reveal that bingo games are the most popular with female players, but male players still make 55% of all bingo bets on bgo 10% greater than their female counterparts, crushing the gender stereotypes that surround bingo.

Girl gambling on a tablet device
Female gambling is on the rise suggests official figures from the UK Gambling Commission.

The most popular online slot game that bgo offers among female players is Starburst, this is the same for both men and woman; but it is worth pointing out that players are treated to free spins on the slot when they open a new account.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is the second most popular slot game with bgo‘s female audience, with Roulette Live coming in second on the list of popular games with male players; the others games that make up the top five with females are Cleopatra, Fluffy Favourites and Da Vinci Diamonds.

Female player’s £1.7M win at bgo casino

One of the online casino’s female players recently defied odds of 625 million to 1 to win £1.7 million ($2.2 million) across two progressive jackpots on the same online slot.

The woman, from London, first bagged a £1.1 million ($1.42 million) progressive jackpot win on Megajackpots Star Lanterns on Good Friday, April 14 before triggering the progressive jackpot again on the same game just two weeks later to bag herself another £627,000.

The data from bgo casino confirms that online casinos are attracting a stream of women who are only too willing to wager as online casino games continue to reach new audiences through more engaging social media and television advertising and marketing activity; with a bgo source telling Casinopedia that the casino enjoyed a sharp rise in female players signing up after their successful campaign featuring Paris Hilton.

Given the research from bgo we decided to dive deeper into the casino world to analyse female player’s casino habits and just how rapidly the marketing is growing.

When it comes to certain types of gambling, there is evidence to suggest that women are now almost as likely as men to enjoy a flutter. It might still be grizzled old men populating high street bookmakers, but other domains tell a different story. According to figures from the UKGC ( UK Gambling Commission), 44% of women admit to having gambled, versus 53% of men.

Moreover, 30% of women surveyed had participated in some form of gambling in the past month aside from the National Lottery.

Historically, the only form of gambling where women have out-participated men is bingo. If sports betting has long been synonymous with men, bingo has held feminine connotations, with images of blue-rinsed grannies dabbing cards in draughty bingo halls.

Technology has helped drive female player numbers up

Girl playing gambling games on a tablet at home

The internet spawned a new frontier for gambling, and enterprising casino operators were swift to launch digital versions of their land-based premises. It wasn’t until the birth of the iPhone, however, that internet gambling arguably came of age. Now it was possible to gamble anytime, anywhere, and a flurry of online casinos and bingo websites sprung up, the latter still targeted at a female demographic but this time a far younger and hipper one than before.

In the UK, operators such as Cassava Enterprises, Jumpman Gaming and Cozygames Management have launched thousands of bingo sites between them, the bulk of which are blatantly marketed at a female audience.

Women don’t need gambling sites to be pastel-coloured, fluffy and filled with all things cute, but try telling that to the operators of some of these sites, who still seem to be labouring under the notion that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Thankfully not all online gambling sites are as stereotypical.

While men are still more likely to gamble online, coming in at 21% compared to 14% of women, there is one area where the disparity is less pronounced – social gaming. 23% of men have engaged in social gaming versus 19% of women. This style of gaming tends to attract the sort of players who are highly active on social media, with Facebook the preferred channel for social gaming and slots the most popular game type.

Differences between male and female players at online casinos

One of the most interesting differences between the sexes when it comes to betting is understanding the reason why they gamble. The sort of games that women prefer; slots; lotteries; bingo; are entirely luck-based. Men on the other hand typically prefer sports betting, table games, poker and other pursuits where they feel they might be able to control its outcome. In other words, women go for games of luck, men for games of skill and strategy.

A Swedish study backs this up, showing that men feel more comfortable with competing against anyone and anything, whereas women are content to go up against the house and to let randomicity dictate their fate. Interestingly though, women have a healthier perspective on gambling and are less likely to succumb to problem behaviour; reportedly only between 2% and 5% of all Gamblers Anonymous members are women.

The same Swedish study attributed this to women having a more risk-averse view of gambling, making them less comfortable with wagering large amounts they’re not willing to lose. The gung-ho approach that some men take, in comparison, can prove to be their undoing.

While men still lead the way when it comes to gambling, the gap is narrowing. With a younger, internet-savvy generation of female gamblers emerging, and the stigma associated with gambling long gone, the number of women who wager is set to grow.

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