Fatal online casino mistakes you need to avoid

  • We check out some of the most fundamental errors to avoid when hitting online casinos
  • The UK online casino industry is valued at a healthy £2.4 billion

Playing online casino games is a thrill in itself, the ability to play from the comfort of your own home is an appealing factor proven by the figures revealed earlier this year highlighting that the UK online gambling industry was valued at £4.5 billion with online casinos representing over half of that at £2.4 billion.

With this in mind, we thought it prudent to look at some fatal mistakes you simply must avoid when playing at online casinos.

Know your level and your limit

Don’t go in cold, know your limits and when to stop and walk away.
Don’t go in cold, know your limits and when to stop and walk away.

Jumping in blind to an online casino game is a sure-fire way to empty your bankroll. Don’t go in cold, unless you have prior experience of playing your game online, then take the time to play a free table first before you hit the real money table.

After-all, you are playing with your own hard-earned cash so don’t get carried away thinking because you have thrown a few chips down at roulette in a bricks and mortar casino you are suddenly the next big gambling pro.

Understand your ability and avoid being sucked into tables you do not feel confident you can hold your own at.

Understand and find the best casino bonus offers

Almost every online casino will offer bonuses to entice new members but much like with anything there will be a raft of terms and conditions to contend with.

When a casino offers you something like a £10 free bet or ten free spins what it means is quite often you cannot withdraw any winnings from those bonuses until you have played them again x amount of times and in the case of a sportsbook, at odds not always favourable.

Remember, online casinos like to make money not give it away and whereas bonus offers are a good thing, just make sure you understand the requirements so you can find the best offer that will suit the games you want to play and your style.

Fake Registration

Don't hide behind a mask and use fake credentials
Don’t hide behind a mask and use fake credentials at online casinos.

Yes, it happens and people do it in a bid to remain anonymous. However, online casinos are not daft and will at some point verify your details.

It may be immediately, or it may only occur when you attempt to withdraw your winnings. With fake credentials you will be unable to do this and could lose a wedge.

So, if you want to play online, don’t hide from it, register your proper details.

Don’t go chasing losses

This applies to all forms of gambling and although obvious, people still do it. Although a loss may be hard to take, avoid doubling up on your next stake or taking the game to heart.

Keep the emotion at the door and if you find yourself not feeling happy then end the game immediately and log out.

Watch the Odds

Certain online casino games offer better odds than others. For example, we have listed a few online games and plays that offer somewhat questionable odds.

Knowledge of your chosen game is vital (as highlighted in the first point) and will ensure you avoid placing any unnecessary bets in which your chances of winning are seriously reduced.

Don’t be greedy

 Don’t be greedy, those hot streaks don't last long.
Don’t be greedy, those hot streaks don’t last long.

A fatal error rookie online casino player’s make, is believing that a winning run will last forever. It won’t.

It may be tempting to go big once you nail down a few wins but remember your game plan, only bet to your limit and you may find yourself coming away with a handsome profit.
Go big, and you heavily increase your chances of losing the lot.

Game Plan

As with all forms of gambling, ensure you have a strategy and game plan is of paramount importance.

Have a defined bank roll and a high bet limit in mind per stake and never exceed it. Players who break away from their strategy often fall foul and end up playing with no rhythm and no clue as to what their next bet will comprise.

Casino games are fun and a great way to pass the time and can make you some money but just be sensible, have a great time and win loads of dough.

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