Enter the Matrix with new official slot from Playtech, complete with classic movie scenes

  • Playtech launches a brand new slot based on the cult sci-fi 1999 movie The Matrix
  • The game abounds with details and some of the most memorable cut-scenes from the original movie

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about The Matrix, a cult 1990s movie which featured an intriguing story revealing an alternate truth about our existence and role in the world.

Filled with special effects and high-tech talk, The Matrix fuelled the imagination of an entire generation of young, tech-savvy minds.

The matrix playtech

Although the movie may be old, its legend lives on, and Playtech is continuing the development of this legendary status with its new Matrix online slot. The company has acquired the rights for the game and brought to us a slot that’s bound to send chills down your spine if you belong to the group of those who saw this movie (way) more than once.

Enter the matrix

The game is set on the well-known and very familiar black background filled with strange, unknown green letters that makes up the matrix and is only visible once the pink glasses are off. Reels feature familiar faces of Mr. Anderson (Neo) himself, Morpheus, Agent Smith, and Trinity.

What gives the Matrix slot its special appeal are cut scenes from the original movie, like the one the one showing the moment when Neo’s life is changed forever when he’s deciding between the red and the blue pill.

the matrix slot 2

If you’ve never seen the movie and don’t particularly care about it, this game probably won’t impress you as much. But for some of us, this is the Matrix slot lets us once again enjoy the action and excitement of this classic film.

How deep the rabbit hole goes?

The Matrix features a standard 5×3 grid, with 50 paylines across. The theoretical RTP of the game is slightly above 95%, which isn’t particularly high, but this game can still pay big. More importantly, it will offer you hours of great entertainment while chasing those wins.

The free spins bonus round is triggered with three free spins symbols landing on the reels. Players can choose between two options: eight free spins with extra Agent Smith symbols added or unlimited spins with Sentinel wilds. The latter option will have wilds locked in place and removed from the reels when the special symbol appears, and the round only ends when there are six or more wilds on the reels.

the matrix slot

Déjà Vu Shuffle is another special feature that’s triggered randomly during the base game. Reels 1 and 5 become wild and then all the symbols are shuffled to create paylines. This feature is also accompanied by another memorable movie quotation explaining the occurrence of déjà vu.

Where you can play

The Matrix slot may not be a game-changer in a sense that it doesn’t bring anything we haven’t seen before. However, this is a must-play game for anyone who enjoyed the movie and still remembers The Matrix as one of the best movies of its genre back in the 1990s (and perhaps ever).

If you’re itching to enter the matrix and come face to face with truth, you can find this slot at a number of Playtech casinos such as LeoVegas Casino and bgo Casino.

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