Ending of betting and bingo monopoly seen as good news for players

  • New legislation will bring an end to Danish gambling monopoly
  • Paves the way for private operators to offer online bingo and animal race betting

As it currently stands, there’s only one operator in Denmark that offers online bingo and betting on horse, dog and pigeon racing and that’s the state-owned Danske Spil A/S.

It is expected the ending of the Danske Spil monopoly on bingo and certain sports betting will benefit players.
It is expected the ending of the Danske Spil monopoly on bingo and certain sports betting will benefit players.

The operator’s monopoly on these pursuits looks set to come to an end thanks to new legislation. Danish players are set to benefit via having lots more choice by not just being restricted to a single operator.

New legislation

The Danish parliament recently adopted a draft legislation which will put an end to Danske Spil A/S’ monopoly and allow for private operators to start offering online bingo to players residing in the country.

Any operator wishing to do so will have to obtain a valid license, which Danish gaming regulators will start issuing to successful applicants. While betting on horse, dog, pigeon racing will also be open to private operators, there will be a new 8% contribution on all horse racing betting turnover.

Better system for Danish players

The Danish parliament’s key objective in this is to create a regulated Danish market where Danish players will benefit from being better protected. Measures drawn up by the Danish parliament have been approved by the European Commission and will come into effect on January 1, 2018.

From then on, Danish players can look forward to having not only much more choice, but also much more variety when it comes to online bingo games and betting options for animal races.

Comments from the Danish Online Gaming Association

The removal of Danske Spil A/S’ monopoly has been met with approval from the Danish Online Gaming Association. Its Chief Executive, Morten Ronde, said: “We are happy that the monopoly on online bingo and betting on horse races is finally broken.

“This is something we have been arguing for since 2012. We feel that the new rules will bring further innovation and growth to the industry”.

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