End of an era as CardRunners to stop making paid poker coaching content

  • After being in poker coaching business for over a decade, CardRunners has decided to stop producing paid content
  • Occasional free videos will be published on YouTube and the official Hold’em Manager site

CardRunners, one of the first online poker coaching sites, has announced it is to stop producing paid content.

CardRunners is to stop producing paid-for poker tutorial content, in favor of a less frequent YouTube setup.
CardRunners is to stop producing paid-for poker tutorial content, in favor of a less frequent, free setup.

From June 1, the site will switch to a different model, publishing occasional training videos on YouTube. The news, which was published on CardRunners’ official Twitter account and their web blog, came as a surprise to some, but it has generally been received without much shock.

Paid poker coaching no longer feasible?

During the early years of the poker boom, following the epic WSOP victory of Chris Moneymaker, everybody and their dog wanted to play poker. The poker dream was more alive than ever before or after.

It was during that time, in 2005 more precisely, that Andrew Wiggins and Taylor Caby, came with an idea to sell their videos to aspiring players looking to get better.

With hundreds of thousands of people looking to get into poker, the demand for content was high, and resources were scarce at the time. What Caby and Wiggins were able to offer wasn’t easy to come by, especially not for free. With the amount of money one could expect to make from poker during those early years, paying for some coaching content seemed like an easy decision.

However, a lot has changed since then, and it seems that poker training sites that charge for their videos and other materials are no longer an attractive option. CardRunners aren’t the only site to give up on their subscription model, as even Phil Ivey couldn’t keep his Ivey League site afloat.

More free content and less interest

There are two reasons why coaching sites are no longer able to keep the money flowing in. The first one is the amount of free content available on the web. There are many good players these days streaming on Twitch and YouTube, offering their advice and their videos completely free.

Additionally, a lot of older content has found its way to file sharing sites, where people can get many of these paid videos without paying a single cent.

The second reason is that interest in poker has diminished drastically. While good players could once “print” money playing online, these days even the best struggle to stay ahead of the curve and maintain profitability. In that kind of an environment, people simply don’t believe that some coaching videos are enough to get them where they need to be to actually beat the games.

Some coaches have also been blamed for not keeping up with change. Their approach to poker training remained the same over the years, but this approach no longer produces the kind of results people expect when they pay for something.

In light of all these facts, CardRunners will no longer be offering paid content as of June 1. The plan is to continue and produce some videos for their YouTube channel, which will be available to everyone, as well as some videos that will be published on the Hold’em Manager site.

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