Elvis hasn’t left the building: Westgate retains Presley exhibition items after lawsuit

  • Two exhibitions that each closed within a month of opening have cost Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino millions of dollars
  • Costs must reportedly now be paid by the production company, Exhibit A Circle LLC
  • A further resolution must be reached after Westgate officials have vowed to retain the memorabilia until Elvis’s estate pays

In April, Casinopedia reported that the estate of Elvis Presley had entered into arbitration to regain valuable memorabilia housed at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The memorabilia, which was being used for two Presley attractions – deemed by many as “ill-fated” after they closed just a month after opening – has reportedly cost Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino an estimated $2.25 million in damages. Now, the firm behind the production of the exhibits is being asked to pay.

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Exhibit A Circle LLC, the third-party organization responsible for the production of the shows – called “The Elvis Experience” and “Graceland Presents: Elvis the Exhibition” – are alleged to have sullied their 10-year lease with the casino after closing the shows with no prior warning.

Luckily for Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino, the independent arbitrator for the memorabilia has decided in its ruling that the production company “purposefully defaulted on the lease agreement.”

Not stopping there

The Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino’s legal team is now likely to turn its attention to Elvis Presley Enterprises, to whom much of the valuable memorabilia belongs. The haul includes Elvis’ high school yearbooks, his 1962 Lincoln Continental, his 1957 Harley-Davidson motorbike, his jumpsuits, a telegram he sent to Barbara Streisand, and some of his jewelry.

It is understood that the casino spent approximately $9 million to prepare the space that would hold the Presley exhibits. For this reason, it is reported that the casino is holding onto the items until Elvis’ estate pays it the reconciliatory $9 million.

Exhibit A was loaned the items by Elvis Presley Enterprises in agreement to receive a set percentage of the attraction’s generated revenue.

Family matters

If reports are to be believed this disagreement seems to be even more upsetting for Elvis’s family, among whom Priscilla and Lisa Presley are the most affected. Speaking in 2015, Priscilla said “Elvis loved Las Vegas. Lisa and I are so happy to share these wonderful artefacts from our family with you and are thrilled to bring the authentic Elvis back to Las Vegas.”

But the dispute has left them disheartened, and it has been reported that they now want to see the memorabilia back with them. An independent arbitrator will soon discuss the issue with the casino and the Presleys to reach a resolution.

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