Ellen DeGeneres surprises MGM Grand visitor playing celebrity-themed slot machines

  • Ellen DeGeners drops in to cheer on the players playing her slots at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand
  • Developed by IGT, this popular slot features not one, but two different game variations

When you’re a celebrity, there are always people who’ll go crazy when you appear in public.

But, if you’re a celebrity who has slots devoted to your work and decide to unexpectedly pop up to surprise the people playing that slot machine, reactions are bound to be priceless.

That’s exactly what happened to Ellen DeGeneres who came around to the MGM Grand land-based casino to cheer on players trying their luck on Ellen DeGeneres slot by IGT.

Ellen started her walk of fame back in 1994 when she appeared in the popular sitcom Ellen. Since 2003, she’s been hosting her own talk show, which has a huge fan base.

During her career, DeGeneres has won numerous awards and had the opportunity to host many important events such as Grammy Awards and Academy Awards.

Surprise, surprise – look who’s here

A few days ago, Ellen was visiting Las Vegas and decided to visit MGM and see how her new slot machine was doing.

Ellen DeGeneres surprises MGM Grand visitor
Ellen DeGeneres surprises MGM Grand visitor

Sure enough, she found many people spinning some reels and trying to win some money, and she joined them to cheer them on and even gave away some lucky money.

It goes without saying that those playing the slot went absolutely crazy when they realized their favorite star was standing right next to them, casually chatting and chanting for bonuses.

As luck would have it, one lucky lady managed to hit a big score while Ellen was at her side, making this awesome video even more legendary.

At the end of the show where she played this video, everyone in the audience got a $150 voucher for a weekend stay at MGM Grand, giving all of these lucky folks a chance to visit the casino and try to win some money playing this new slot as well.

Ellen DeGeneres slot

To have a slot made based on your career, you have to be pretty big shot, as the casinos want the people to be attracted to the game simply because it features one of their favorite TV personalities.

Ellen DeGeneres certainly belongs to this group, as she is one of the best-known faces in the US.

The slot was developed by IGT and there are actually two games available: The Ellen’s Dance Party and The Ellen 12 Days of Giveaways.

According to developers, they stared with just one game, but figured out they had so much material to work with that they ended up making two different slots.

Slots feature numerous interesting bonuses, including some features found on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, like Wheel of Riches, 12 Days of Giveaways bonus, Dance Party free spins bonus, and much more.

The game is accompanied by the original show music and many cut scenes celebrating big wins and triggering bonus features. For the fans of the Ellen DeGeners Show, these games hit home big time, and it is no surprise they’re a big hit on the casino floors across the United States.

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