How Dual Play Roulette blurs the lines between online and land-based casinos

  • Dual Play Roulette allows onsite and online gamers to play together
  • The first in-casino game was launched in 2015 by Evolution Gaming
  • Fourth casino in Romania joins two in London and flagship game in Malta

Dual Play Roulette is becoming an increasingly popular choice for gamers both at casinos and in their own home, as the innovative experience from Evolution Gaming allows online players to participate in real life roulette games from the comfort of their sofa. The announcement last week it is set to be launched at the Grand Casino, Bucharest, Romania, has further shown that it is catching on fast.

The below video shows Dual Play Roulette from the Dragonara casino in Malta.

The idea was pioneered by Evolution Gaming in 2015 and uses sophisticated live video and audio streaming, so that players can feel the buzz of a casino atmosphere without ever leaving their postcode. What’s more, it also allows onsite players to continue playing even while they’re away from the wheel – at a restaurant or bar, for example.

Why play Dual Play?

Roulette is a popular game and logistically speaking, an onsite wheel can only sustain a finite number of gamers.

However, with the inception of Dual Play betting, a single game can now be enjoyed by a virtually limitless number of players.

Why Dual Play is also becoming increasingly popular

  • Recreates the electric atmosphere of a real-life casino for countless players around the globe
  • Allows players to interact with one another over long distances
  • Affords players the opportunity to enjoy their favourite games hosted by their favorite croupiers even when they aren’t in the same country or continent
  • Maximises game time for onsite players, even when they are not physically present at the table
  • Uses high-definition video and audio to give the sharpest images of the wheel
  • Allows gamers access to up-to-the-minute statistical information, thus enhancing their experience
  • Where is Dual Play available?

    The Grand Casino Bucharest will be the fourth Dual Play location, and is due to go live by the end of June 2017.

    The table in the Romanian capital joins flagship site Dragonara Casino in Malta and both The Ritz Club and The Hippodrome Casino in London, while a fifth venture in Canada is touted to take place later this year.

    In addition to roulette, players can also access a number of other Evolution Gaming live games at sites across Europe, including in Belgium, Spain and Latvia. Meanwhile, they’re not the only outfit to offer the service, with Extreme Live Gaming catering to UK players and a whole host of other companies expanding the live casino experience across the globe.


    This technology from Evolution Gaming is aimed at bringing the thrill and atmosphere of the casino into people’s homes and on to their devices.

    These days, people crave interactivity, and it is the feeling of being part of a game that is actually going on that may well appeal to people’s sense of being involved.

    It is also a great way for land-based casinos to ‘export’ their gameplay experience to a global audience, and may well result in a few more future visits.

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