Record-breaking drone show over Bellagio fountains gives new light to Las Vegas icon

  • Las Vegas casino is hosting annual electronics conference
  • Intel’s 250 Shooting Star drones perform daily for Vegas crowds

Intel has stolen the show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week after launching a record-breaking light display above the famed Bellagio casino hotel.

The daily displays are carried out using 250 drones, controlled by a central computer. The tiny flying bots create incredible patterns high above the Bellagio’s central turret, while the dancing fountains underneath put on a coordinated show of their own.

The dazzling light show is one of the most talked-about moments of CES 2018 so far, and a YouTube clip of the drones in action has already picked up thousands of views. It marks the first time any synchronized drones have been flown over the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Beautiful drone display wows Vegas

The drones were created by telecoms giant Intel, and they are flying twice a day between January 9 and 11. The ethereal light show can be seen for miles, and has been attracting huge crowds on the Strip. The best views are directly in front of the Bellagio, where the iconic fountains have been rigged to dance and jump in time with the lights. The display is set to Stargazing by Kygo.

The drone display at the Bellagio, powered by Intel.
The drone display at the Bellagio, powered by Intel.

The first display occurred on Monday night, shortly after Intel CEO Brian Krzanich concluded his keynote speech. Throughout the event, there has been a twice-nightly drone show with the finale taking place on Thursday night. The innovative showpiece is the largest drone flight by a single pilot on a single console, earning a place in the Guinness record books.

The Shooting Star drones have a host of commercial applications within the entertainment industry, and they have already appeared at festivals, sports games, concert venues and other major events. Intel also unveiled mini Shooting Star drones at the electronics show, which can be flown indoors and which are well suited to drone flying beginners.

Two days of CES 2018 to go

The Consumer Electronics Show is the Western world’s largest conference for commercial electronics, with leading innovators from across the industry gathering to show off the latest concepts and creations. From self-driving cars to humanoid robots, tech developers have been revealing the products of the future to the world at large.

The event takes place every year and it celebrated its 50th year last year. Since 1978, the winter show has been held in Las Vegas – and in recent years it has been hosted at the prestigious Las Vegas Convention Center.

Hotels and casinos around the gambling hub also join in the fun, hosting fringe conferences and events as well as welcoming the show’s many guests for some evening gambling and entertainment.

The show creates a huge boost to Vegas’ winter tourism, filling many of the Strip’s hotels, and their associated roulette and blackjack tables.

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