Latest Donald Trump impeachment odds following Charlottesville remarks

  • Trump receive more criticism for saying ‘both sides to blame’ for violent outbreak at Virginia rally
  • 45th president Trump 4/6 to be impeached in first term

It may only have been seven months that Donald Trump has been president of the United States but each week more criticism is thrown his way and following the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Trump declared ‘both sides were to blame’ in which neo-Nazis clashed with anti-racism demonstrators leaving one woman dead and several injured.

The 45th president claimed the “alt-left” bears some responsibility for the violence and refused to condemn the “alt-right” activists. This lead to criticism from various angles and once again put Trumps impeachment odds firmly to the forefront of our minds.

Paddy Power Donald Trump
Paddy Power Donald Trump odds

More unpopular than ever

Following the events in Charlottesville, a recent approval rating poll showed Trump hit an all-time disproval rating of 57.6%.

In worrying signs for the president, his approval rating of 45.4% when he first entered office must seem like a distant memory having since dropped to 36.5%.

The threat of impeachment is very real as highlighted by Paddy Power Casino.

Paddy Power Trump Specials

The Irish online casino have been running multiple Donald Trump specials since the businessman came to power and have been offering impeachment odds from day one.

Currently, Trump can be backed at 4/6 to be removed from office in his first term and 2/7 to be impeached in 2017.

Paddy Power are not the only ones to be getting in one the action with various other bookmakers including Betfair Casino exchange on offering odds on Trumps exit date ranging from 2017 to 2020 or later (which seems unlikely).

In keeping with the bookmaker‘s reputation for enjoying a laugh, the flamboyant bookmaker are also rather tongue in cheekily offering odds of 500/1 for Trump to be the next Bond villain and even offering odd on the amount of tweets Trump will publish each week.

North Korea Odds

With the nuclear fallout occurring in North Korea, Paddy Power are offering a number of North Korean political offerings especially following Donald Trump’s comments regarding Kim Jong-Un’s threat on Guam.

How long Kim Jong-Un remains in power can be backed at Paddy Power with 2031 or later the current shortest price at 4/7.

No doubt there will be another condemning of Donald Trump in the near future and as the odds suggest, we could be saying farewell to the 45th president sooner rather than later.

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