You won’t believe how this dealer scammed his own casino

  • Singapore dealer stole 34 $1,000 chips from tables
  • Court rules casino worker must serve nine month sentence

A casino dealer in Singapore has been sentenced to nine months in jail after his $34,000 chip scam was uncovered by authorities, reports the Straits Times.

A dealer used his shirt and a scratching technique in his attempt to scam his casino out of $34,000
A dealer used his shirt and a scratching technique in his attempt to scam his casino out of $34,000

The thefts happened at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) in February, over a period of twenty days. The dealer’s accomplice has not yet been apprehended by authorities, and the investigation into his part in the scheme is still ongoing.

How the dealer did it

MBS worker Tan Hong Khee has been jailed for the theft of 34 $1,000 casino chips, which he systematically removed from the casino between February 1 and 20.

These chips were taken from the baccarat tables whenever a player lost $1,000, using sleight of hand and a tucked-in shirt, whenever he believed no one was looking.

The simple theft involved Tan palming the chips and stretching or scratching his neck – depositing the chips down his collar. During his break, Tan would move the chips to the safety of the locker room, and they would leave with him at the end of the day.

Those chips were then given to an unknown accomplice, who Tan calls ‘Alvin’, who would cash the chips and take a 10% commission, handing over the rest of the ‘winnings’ to the thief. When authorities picked up the chip thief at Tuas Checkpoint, he was carrying $10,000 in ill-gotten cash.

According to Straits Times reports, Tan claimed in court that gambling debts, plus the threat of recrimination from loan sharks, had pushed him to take the drastic route of committing fraud and grand larceny. Those mitigating circumstances, and Tan’s previous exemplary work record, helped him pick up a far lighter sentence than the 15 years he was facing. With time served since his arrest, Tan could be free by the end of the year.

Business as usual at Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is one of the world’s most prestigious casino resorts, and at the time of opening in 2010 it was the most expensive casino building on the planet.

It attracts high-end guests from showbiz circles and it has featured in a number of Hollywood movies, including Independence Day: Resurgence. Following the arrest of Tan Hong Khee, security has been stepped up at the venue – including the addition of more security cameras, and regular checks of table floats.

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