Dancing Dealers? It could only be a Las Vegas casino recruitment ad

  • Golden Gate launches eye-opening recruitment campaign ad for their Dancing Dealers
  • The video captures the heart and the soul of Las Vegas fun

When it comes to job recruitment, most companies stick to short and up to the point ads that tell you what, where, and how much. But Las Vegas’ The D Casino decided to turn things up a notch with their video ad for Dancing Dealers, and it looks to be a social media hit.

A dream job?

What would you say about a job that offered around the clock partying, great pay, and flexible schedule? At first, you’d probably think someone is trolling you, as there is no such a thing. Or, is there?

According to Golden Gate recruitment ad, that’s exactly what the Dancing Dealer job at the D Casino looks like.

Paying $8.25 an hour and promising up to $300 in tips every day, Dancing Dealers are required to have a good time while dealing out cards and entertaining the patrons. On top of it all, the casino boasts that staff can schedule around your other commitments and Golden Gate will even throw in a completely free training.

An ad that ‘tells it how it is’

The D Casino recruitment video isn’t shy about showing things the way they are around Vegas, and that could be what is making it popular. With girls dancing, laughing, and partying, the video captures the spirit of the Sin City with all of its glamor. Of course, this will be considered not just a job ad but also a great advertisement for the casino itself.

Some may think the video is a bit “too much,” but this is Vegas. Dancing Dealers are just a small part of what’s on offer, and Golden Gate isn’t afraid to share it with the world.

Of course, this may not be a job for everyone, but clearly it’s something for those who love partying, having a good time, want the promise of a hatful of tips, and probably have good energy levels.

Not for no reason is Vegas known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World.

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