Dan Bilzerian ‘in talks’ over running ‘public weed dispensary’ in Las Vegas

  • Bilzerian tweets about his upcoming TV show featuring public weed dispensary in Las Vegas
  • Is it a real thing or just another stunt by the media attention-hungry King of Instagram?

The self-proclaimed King of Instagram and one of the most controversial figures of the gambling world, Dan Bilzerian, has surprised his followers and the general public once again.

The plan is to do a TV show on me running a weed dispensary open to the public in Vegas, been in meetings all week

A post shared by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Bilzerian took it to his Twitter and Instagram on Monday to announce his plans to launch a TV show which would revolve around him running a public weed dispensary in Las Vegas.

Seeking media attention

The celebrity has been the center of many scandals over the years, so a legal weed dispensary hardly scratches the surface. The man who claims he earned millions playing poker (although there is no one who confirms this story) can’t seem to stay away from controversies.

In 2014, porn star Janice Griffith sought damages from the celebrity after he threw her off of his roof into a pool. The stunt didn’t quite go as planned and Griffith reportedly ended up with a broken foot. Despite all the negativity that ensued, Dan kept his cool and wasn’t overly concerned.

This is just a small excerpt from the colorful life of the eccentric star. He also staged his arrest and had the video ‘leaked’“ to the internet, just to create the fuss. Although many of his followers immediately knew it was a stunt, quite a few people actually bought it.

These and many other episodes clearly show that if there is one thing that Mr Bilzerian loves more than his guns and his girls, that’s media attention. So, his latest announcement about a TV show featuring a public weed dispensary could be real, but it could be just another one of his “troll” tweets simply to get Twitter to talk about him for a while.

Love/hate responses

Whatever Bilzerian posts on his social media channels is met with polarized responses and his latest post was no exception.

His true fans thought it is a great idea as they’d enjoy seeing their hero involved in yet another controversial endeavor.

After all, for many, Bilzerian stands out as the guy who just doesn’t give a damn and live his life to the fullest, not paying attention to the haters.

On the other hand, however, there are those who hate everything the King of Instagram stands for and see his behavior as rude and diminishing, especially towards the opposite sex.

Whether the weed show in Las Vegas is the real thing or just another stunt, remains to be seen.

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