Comanche Nation takes federal government to court over Chickasaw casino

  • The Comanche Nation clashes with the federal government of Oklahoma over casinos
  • The Comanche Nation is reportedly unhappy with a casino of the Chickasaw Nation

It has been reported that the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma – a nation of Native American people whose territory has long been in the state of Oklahoma – has taken legal proceedings against the United States Department of the Interior.

Oklahoma’s Comanche Nation has allegedly done so in response to the U.S. Department of the Interior reportedly letting the Chickasaw Nation – another Oklahoma-based tribe of Native American people – build a $10 million, 36,000-square-foot casino on the state’s border with Texas, which will open in 2018.

This location was strategically selected to attract Texan as well as Oklahoman customers. In fact, Class III gambling options – such as slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and craps, among others – are illegal in Texas.

Growing conflict

The Comanche Nation is reported to believe that it has been treated with less favor than other federally recognized tribes in the area.

For this reason, the Comanche Nation allegedly believes that bigger tribes have therefore been allowed to prosper by effectively taking over Oklahoma’s tribal gambling market – something, it says, that leaves them with a lesser chance of thriving in the same region.

According to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, it is illegal to build new casinos on land placed in trust after October 17, 1988. But the Chickasaw Nation and other such tribes have recognized a loophole that has allowed them to build there anyway, claiming that the sites had historically been reservation-owned land.

And it is precisely this legislative loophole that the Comanche Nation will be arguing against in court, the lawsuit for which it has filed with the U.S. Western District Court of Oklahoma.

Comanche Nation casinos

Oklahoma’s Comanche Nation runs a gambling establishment around 50 miles away from Terral, which was the Chickasaw Nation’s choice for its new casino.

Oklahoma currently houses around 25% of all of America’s tribal casinos, second only to California regarding gaming revenue generated annually by Native American venues.

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