Colombia – the first Latin American country to allow online casinos

  • Last year’s act opened door for operators
  • First license goes to Aquila Global Group

The South American nation of Colombia will start to allow online gambling legally after passing a law last year to regulate the online casino industry.

Colombia is legalizing online casinos - the first Latin American country to do so.
Colombia is legalizing online casinos – the first Latin American country to do so.

It becomes the first Latin American nation to do so, and experts predict there will be a strong demand for online casinos.

The country’s gambling regulator Coljuegos has approved the first operator license, which has been allocated to Aquila Global Group. The group will launch its gaming brand across Colombia in the coming months.

Legal status of online gambling in Colombia

Colombia is the first of its neighbors to bring electronic gambling legislation into being, and it is likely to be seen as a test case by other nations who are considering making the same move. Early projections by the Colombian government suggest a $2.6m potential income from legal online gaming services, reports Calvin Ayre.

To protect the competitive early market and help it grow, the government is also taking steps to block illegal gambling operators.

Regulator Coljuegos is working with internet service providers to block unauthorized gambling domains, so groups like Aquila have a fair shot at gaming success. Competition is being strongly encouraged within the gambling sector: a further six operators are expected to receive their licenses in the coming months, making seven new gambling sites which will launch in 2017.

About Wplay by Aquila

The new gambling brand will offer online gaming services such as slot games and table games, adapted from Aquila’s own electronic gaming machine software. The commercial brand will front all gaming services within Columbia, with Aquila group investing around $4.9m in the expansion project.

If the company can hit its target of one million players by 2020, it could collect a very large share of the potential $8 billion market in Latin America.

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