A cocktail waitress just bagged $1 million on progressive blackjack

  • First person to win more than $1m on a Super 4 progressive jackpot
  • Weekend trip to Connecticut casino changes Raymond woman’s life

A New Hampshire cocktail waitress is the first person to win more than $1 million on a progressive blackjack table, playing at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. Alison Anzalone received the life changing win with a Super 4 Progressive Jackpot at the Uncasville-based casino.


Weekend visit nets big win

In what will undoubtedly go down as the best weekend in her life, Anzalone won a total of $1,001,459. She was visiting the casino from her home town of Raymond, where she is a cocktail waitress at a casino.

To get a Super 4 Progressive Jackpot, a side bet is required with the Super 4 bonus then triggered through a dealer blackjack. It takes the players mixing their two cards with the dealer’s two playing cards. This makes a poker hand of four cards. Anzalone was then able to win with that combined hand as it formed a royal flush, in the suit of diamonds, as required for a win on the progressive jackpot.

Few US casinos offer jackpot

Very few casinos in the United States offer Super 4 Progressive Blackjack, and the Mohegan Sun is one of them.

The Mohegan Sun casino resort also includes a spa and golf course, and a 34 story hotel where most of the 1,200 rooms on offer are smoke-free. It was here, in the ‘Casino of the Earth’, where Anzalone hit the jackpot. The sizable venue also houses more than 2,500 slot machines as well as table games, of which there are around 160. With about 364,000 square feet of gaming space, it is one of the USA’s largest casinos. It is owned and run by the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, created by Native American Mohegan tribe.

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