GUIDE: How do you chose the best online casino slot for you?

How many slot games are there available to play at your local pub, arcarde, or even casino?

There might be two, ten, or even 25 to 50.

At an online casino, there can be more than 2,000. Now that’s a fair bit of choice in anyone’s language.

But picking any old slot could result in the player being dissatisfied with it in some way.

And there’s a whole range of things to consider before picking that slot – and here’s a little bit of help to make that choice simple.

The look

Beauty is more than skin deep, as they say, so it seems a touch shallow to start with looks alone.

But clearly, if you hate pink fluffy kittens, you probably are not wise to chose

Not Enough Kittens? This slot may be more than enough 'cute' for some.
Not Enough Kittens? This slot may be more than enough ‘cute’ for some.

So make sure you pick something you don’t mind spending some time with – so if you love your superhero slots, why not pick a Batman game and if you love a little bit of Irish luck, why not go for Rainbow Riches, or Finn and the Swirly Spin?

Also, check the soundtrack – remember you can usually play in demo mode – because one person’s catchy tune can be another’s annoying drone.

Volatility – or big wins vs regular payouts

In the world of cars, you can have sporty, fast ones which set the pulse racing, or more laid back cruising vehicles which you can happily spend a long journey in.

And so with slots – you can have games which play regularly, but with smaller wins, versus those where wins can take longer to come by, but are bigger when they do come.

Book of Ra Deluxe has a very classic feel, but incorporates a 'gamble' feature on wins.
Book of Ra Deluxe is an old slot now, but is known for its high volatility.

And of course, you get some slots which are somewhere in the middle.

This is how the slot ‘plays’ and is called volatility.

So if you are worried about burning through your bankroll quickly, you want to steer clear of the highly volatile slot. But if you prefer the chance of a big win, then aim for something with a high volatility. This is also sometimes referred to as variance.

Online casinos should label how volatile a slot is. You can ask the customer support team if you need help.

The Return to Player

Back to school again. We’ve had volatility, and now another mathematical concept – the return to player figure.

You will see a slot RTP referred to as a percentage, and usually it will be in the 93-97% bracket.

What that means is how much the slot will return to the player over time.

Blood Suckers is a classic of the online casino world - proving popular to work through wagering requirements, if allowed.
Blood Suckers is known for its low volatility and high RTP, of 98%

So if a slot has an RTP of 95%, 100.00 coins wagered on the slot will on average, return 95.00. So the online casino takes its 5.00 in exchange for your fun to help keep the lights on.

Remember, this is on average. So 100.00 could turn in to 1000.00, but it could also be gone completely. Because a slot says it pays 95%, does not mean you can expect that every play session, due to the randomness of slots.

But if you were to play the slot thousands or millions of times, that is the payout rate you can expect.

Packed with features vs simplicity

Some slots offer layers and layers of depth. The recent Finn and Swirly Spin slot by NetEnt, not only has a unique swirling reel set up, which is unlike the usual spinning fruit machine-style reels, but also has a plethora of different worlds to explore in bonus rounds.

The free spins round in Finn and the Swirly Spin can take you into several different worlds.
The free spins round in Finn and the Swirly Spin takes you to different worlds.

Some slots, like Castle Builder, can offer an almost video-game like experience, of different levels and achievements to unlock.

On the other hand, a slot like Epic Ape, is very simple – just a gameboard, wild symbols, scatters and a simple free spins round.

This is the only gameboard in the Epic Ape slot - the free spins round is exactly the same.
Epic Ape – what you see is what you get – simplicity.

Chance of a big win

Some slots offer huge payouts known as progressive jackpots.

These are sometimes seven or even eight-figure sums, making players millionnaires in one spin.

Well, who wouldn’t want that? Not so fast – these progressives are not exactly easy to hit – in fact, they could have odds as long as winning some lotteries.

But people still play lotteries in their droves.

Mega Moolah bonus round
Can you hit the progressive in Mega Moolah

The difference with these slots is that they still pay well in the standard game. So chose something like Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune, and not only can you have a good slot experience, there is always the tantalising prospect of a big win.

The next choice – your online casino

Choosing slots is a whole lot easier if you’re at the right online casino, offering a great range of games.

At number one for choice is Videoslots Casino, which boasts a slot library of well over 2,000. If you can’t find anything there, there’s no hope!

Other casinos boasting a good range of slots are Casumo, LeoVegas, bgo and Betway.

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