How chatbots and messengers are set to boost players’ online casino experience

Technology is inseparable from online casinos, so much so, that new technological innovations are announced on a consistent basis. Recently, it is chatbots and messaging systems that are becoming another unstoppable force in the online casino world.

Chatbots are an increasingly important technical innovation in the online casino sector
Chatbots are an increasingly important technical innovation in the online casino sector

While these technologies aren’t exactly new – they’ve already been implemented in various services industries with great success, online casinos are finally reaping the benefits too.

We’re going to delve deeper and uncover some advancements that have taken place with chatbots and messaging systems, their implementation, and how players benefit from this.

Chatbots are not mere chatterboxes

Rudimentary chatbots first started appearing online during the 1990s that were ultimately simple conversational programs. They only started enjoying widespread application once improved artificial intelligence algorithms were integrated making them seem more humanlike. Nowadays chatbots are found in numerous websites, especially those offering goods and services that need to provide continuous customer support.

Chatbots player experience
Online casinos stand to reap the benefits of chatbots thanks to a better player experience.

Online casinos operate 24/7 and therefore it makes sense for them to utilize chatbots in their operations. A player may require assistance for some issue or another, which can occur in the wee hours of the morning when a staff member may not be available to help.

Smart chatbots are a great solution resulting in plenty of happy players who enjoy satisfactory service levels at any time of the day.

Furthermore, chatbots can also help lower staffing costs for online casinos, allowing them to invest in other areas that will provide an improved experience for players. Moreover, Sky Betting and Gaming recently launched a recruitment chatbot that’s helping them streamline their hiring process. As chat bots automate more aspects of an operation, they inevitably become vital in business optimization.

Messengers Offer A Step Forward In Communication

We’ve all sent and received SMS and MMS messages; however, these are waning in popularity as far as mobile communication methods go.

Messenger in online casinos
Messengers are now ubiquitous, overtaking the likes of SMS and MMS messages.

Messengers are gradually becoming the preferred mode of communication and bound to become more prevalent in online casinos as well. Slotegrator, an aggregator, software, and content distributor for online casinos recently announced their Telegram bot, presented at the Georgia Gaming Congress last month.

Telegram bot is a key example of what modern messaging systems are capable of, and how they allow online casinos to connect with their customers worldwide. Any player with a smart phone will be able to access a casino powered by Telegram bot, regardless of the quality of their internet connection and even work in countries where online casino gaming is prohibited. Furthermore, user’s messages and subscriptions cannot be tracked thus protecting their anonymity.

Messaging systems facilitate and automate communication between online casinos and players to the point, where the entire process is accessible and seamless.

Future Prospects

We can expect chatbots and messengers to play a greater in online casinos during 2017 and for many years to come. The technology behind these effective tools will naturally evolve, further empowering both online casinos and players with additional features.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not Casinopedia.

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