Century Casinos puts pen to paper on joint bid to run Bermuda’s first casino

  • Idyllic Atlantic Island could see its first casino if proposal approved at Hamilton Princess
  • Century Casinos an experienced operator across the globe

Despite its reputation for white sand beaches, cool breezes and beach side bars serving small umbrellas with their drinks, Bermuda does not have a single operating casino at the moment.

Century Casinos has applied for a casino license to operate at the Hamilton Princess resort in Bermuda.
Century Casinos has jointly applied for a casino license with the Hamilton Princess resort in Bermuda.

In an effort to cash in on the huge taxation opportunity that is the gambling sector, the Bermudan government instituted the Casino Gaming Act back in 2014, following it up with the creation of the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission (BCGC) to oversee applications to build casinos and, once built, to keep them in line with the law.

In 2016, the BCGC gave the Hamilton Princess Resort a ‘designated site order’ which the hotel followed up this year with an application for a casino license.

Come September 22, Hamilton Princess will be able to present its proposal to the government.

They’ve just put out confirmation of news that will make that presentation pop.

Enter Century Casinos, Inc

Century Casinos, Inc – an international corporation, in this case using its Austrian subsidiary, Century Casinos Europe GmbH – announced that they had put pen to paper on a management deal with Hamilton Princess to operate the casino on the resort’s property.

Should the license be granted, Century Casinos will also be providing financing of $5 million for the casino setup, which is currently planned to include 12,000 square feet of gaming floor, 17 gaming tables, 200 slot machines, automated roulette and VIP and private areas for the high rollers to high roll.

High hopes

At the moment, the application is looking pretty robust.

There are only four available licences and the BCGC have been actively pursuing Hamilton Princess. The Casino Gaming Act was aimed at bringing in investment and creating jobs which a large construction job like this would certainly do, not to mention the longer term roles for dealers, pit staff, and those in hospitality roles.

Hamilton Princess is a well established resort in Bermuda, and Century Casinos is something of a dab hand at this sort of international casino set up; they are involved, through subsidiaries, with casino operations in Poland,
Canada and on 13 different cruise ships.

Plus, Century Casinos state that: “The Company believes that its application for the casino at the Hamilton Princess hotel is the only casino license application in Bermuda at this time.”

And having no competition certainly helps.

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