Casumo’s Super Snowball promotion offers seven prizes over the next seven weeks

  • New winter promo launched at Casumo
  • Offers one fantastic prize every week for seven weeks

For a wintry promotion like no other, check out Casumo’s Super Snowball.

The prizes available for the Casumo Super Snowball promotion include a Harley Davidson!
The prizes available for the Casumo Super Snowball promotion include a Harley Davidson!

It’s a generous new promotion that’s set to last seven weeks and offers a total of seven huge prizes – each one of these is worth up to €10,000 – as well as lots of other rewards that are up for grabs.

Earning Snowball tokens

There are two parts to the promotion: the Weekly Prize Raffle and the Weekly Super Snowball Reward.

For every week of the promotion, players can earn a total of four Snowball tokens. If they do, they’ll gain an entry for the Weekly Prize Raffle and will also qualify for the Weekly Super Snowball Reward.

Casumo will give you your first Snowball token of the week. Every day of the promotion, you receive one prize chest containing bonuses such as free spins or a match bonus.

Deposit a minimum of €20 to have the day’s prize chest upgraded and receive better prizes; whenever you upgrade a prize chest, you’ll receive a Snowball token. Deposit €20-49 to upgrade to a silver prize chest, €50-99 for a gold prize chest and a minimum of €100 for a diamond one.

So to receive your additional three Snowball tokens, you need to make three deposits of at least €20, each on a different day of the week.

The Weekly Super Snowball Reward

Every Monday at midnight, players receive a Weekly Super Snowball Reward. It offers bonuses that increase in value depending on the value of the prize chests opened in the previous week. For example, someone who had three diamond chests would receive better bonuses than someone with three gold chests.

The Weekly Prize Raffle

Each week, the winner of the Weekly Prize Raffle will be revealed at a time to be determined by Casumo. Here’s a full run-down of the prizes that are on offer and the dates:

  • Zanzibar & Tanzania safari – 4th-10th December
  • €10,000 cash prize, 11th-17th December
  • Harley-Davidson motorbike, 18th-24th December
  • €10,000 cash prize, 25th-31st December
  • Digital Jukebox Sound Leisure, 1st-7th January
  • Tech bundle, 8th-14th January
  • €10,000 cash prize, 15th-21st January

To qualify for a particular prize, you must earn your additional three Snowball tokens within the given timeframe. For example, for a chance to win the tech bundle prize, you need to make three deposits each of at least €20 on three different days between 8th and 14th January.

Please see the Casumo terms and conditions before making your deposit. Click on the link below to find out more.

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