Slot games just got more interesting with Casumo’s Reel Races prize tournaments

  • Casumo is now offering prizes of £1,000 and more on Reel Races.
  • Reel Races are constant wagering tournaments on various slot games.

The good news for players currently is that online casinos know they need to do more to attract players than simply offer a suite of games to play.

Casumo casino reel races
Casumo’s Reel Races

It is now not enough to offer a standard template, both in design and in what promotions are on offer.

However, there is a wave of relatively new online casinos which are doing things a little differently, making the most of current web technology to build games and promotions from the ground up.

Casumo is doing just that, hosting Reel Races which are gathering a lot of attention from players – especially with a £/€1,000 daily prize.

Some races have even bigger prizes, including £/€5000 on the Book of the Dead slot last week.

What’s a Reel Race? It’s a shorter, punchier and more gamified version of a traditional wagering race promotion.

The objective is to be the one who gets the most wins, big wins and mega wins in a row on a game in a set time frame.

It’s a simple idea which adds a new dynamic to slots play, something that all new casinos should bear in mind.

A game of games

Reel Races run every 30 minutes, 24/7 on Casumo.

You can head there now and find one taking place. While playing a slot game, a notifications sidebar will inform you that a race is starting. If you opt in, it delivers a leaderboard and up-to-date information on who is winning the race.

These are great ways to make the most of what the web can do now – even if you aren’t interested, it’s a change up from a static page.

How to play Casumo reel races.
How to play Casumo reel races.

During a race, you simply play on the chosen slot and watch your progress. There may be bonus points for certain achievements, like landing a bonus round.

Reach the top of the leaderboard and you win prizes- typically free spins.

In other words, this is making a game out of playing the games. Casumo has crafted a fun, simple way to make playing their slots more engaging and it can be accessed at any time.

Jackpot action

A big reason for the recent boom in attention for Reel Races is nightly prize games.

Each night at 7pm, a reel race takes place with a £1,000 prize – in fact, sometimes the amount is even higher for first place. You can see a schedule of the races on Casumo, detailing when they happen, what slot is being used, the minimum bet and how long the race will last.

There is certainly room for more of this kind of event on new slot sites.

Competitors should heed well that there are new ways to do things, which are far more interesting and engaging than having a bonus on your deposit each Thursday (with the drag of wagering requirements).

The race to create better online casino entertainment is on!


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