Why casino and betting brands love the UK Premier League

UK Premier League soccer star Joey Barton has been banned from the game for 18 months after breaching rules on gambling. But he has accused the league of mixed messages on gambling, saying that ‘betting is everywhere’ in the sport.

Betting/casino operators are increasingly taking up sponsorship deals with Premier League Clubs
Just a few of the UK Premier League clubs now sporting a betting/casino sponsor

And the most obvious place is on the front of the club shirts themselves.

In the current Premier League soccer season, the twenty participating clubs have generated a record $289 million (£226.5 million) in combined revenue from shirt sponsorship deals alone.

Of those twenty clubs, half of them have a shirt sponsorship deal in place with a betting/online casino firm, showing the huge interest the industry is showing in the sport. The figure that these organisations have pumped into Premier League shirt sponsorship equates to a total of $46.3 million (£36.3 million).

The power of the UK Premier League

When you take into consideration that the $289 million sum is more than double the amount of Europe’s second strongest commercial division, the German Bundesliga (which generated $129 million (£101 million) through shirt sponsorship last season then it is easy to see why the Premier League has become such a significant economic power player.

Spain’s top tier, La Liga, which includes global super powers such as Real Madrid and Barcelona, pails into insignificance when it comes to shirt sponsorship figures. A paltry $89.9 million (£65 million) was generated throughout the twenty teams last season which does nothing but lend more weight to the pulling power of England’s Premier Division.

In fact, in just six years, Premier League shirt sponsorship deals across the division have more than doubled. During the 2010/11 season, the combined twenty top flight sides in England had shirt sponsorship deals worth $128.1 million (£100.45 million). That is roughly the same as Germany’s total now.

Thirteen-times Premier League Champions Manchester United’s $60.3 million-(£47 million)-a-year deal with Chevrolet answers for a lot of the staggering income this season and remains a record deal for shirt sponsorship across the globe. However, the betting sector is now getting in on the act in a big way.

Make way for the betting and casino operators

Club Shirt Sponsor Value (PA)
West Ham United Betway £6 million
Sunderland Dafabet £6 million
Swansea BetEast £5 million
Crystal Palace Mansion £5 million
Stoke City Bet 365 £3.5 million
Hull City SportPesa £3.5 million
West Bromwich Albion UK-K8.com £2.8 million
Burnley Dafabet £2 million
Bournemouth Mansion £2 million
Watford 138.com £1 million

As you can see from table, the Premier League has seen an influx of betting firms from numerous global locations such as Asia, with Dafabet and even Africa with SportPesa.

This investment from overseas coupled with huge demand for broadcast rights across each international region will only see those figures grow and fast.

In Great Britain, during October 2014 – September 2015 the gambling sector was worth a staggering $16.3 billion (£12.6 billion) with that figure already vastly outgrowing the UK inflation rate of just 1.6%

All of a sudden $43.6 million (£36.3 million) spread across ten teams seems almost cheap, especially when you consider the vast global commercial opportunities.

For example, Dafabet which has invested a total of £8 million into shirt sponsorship across Sunderland and Burnley now have their brand being seen across 225 territories, 730 million homes and a global in-home audience exceeding three billion. These numbers are rising every week.

The Premier League’s clubs are extracting as much opportunity from the pulling power of the self-proclaimed ‘most exciting league in the world’ and it is working as companies are lining up to pay for their logo or message to be seen in a prime location.

The casino and betting sector is growing heavily into the Premier League and although none of the above deals come close to matching Manchester United’s deal with Chevrolet, it is expected to be only a matter of time before we see a larger monopoly of betting firms getting in on the act and investing even more into the Premier League to increase their brand profile.

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