How a casino past helped Jake Johnson in new gambling flick Win It All

  • New Girl star Jake Johnson is on ‘familiar ground’ in his latest film
  • Win it All sees him team up with regular collaborator director Joe Swanberg

The star of new Netflix movie Win It All, Jake Johnson, has said his role as a small-time gambler wasn’t a huge departure from some of his life experiences before film.

Gambling’s underbelly

Speaking to Mashable, Johnson, a star of comedy series New Girl, stated that playing Eddie Garrett, a petty gambler from Chicago, wasn’t exactly a huge stretch. When the actor first moved to LA, he started working in an Inglewood casino.

It was there on the night shift where he became familiar with a number of what he calls the ‘fringe gambler’.

This type of gambler proved to be particularly interesting to Johnson because they were so far removed from what television and film had led us to believe gambling was all about.

In ‘Win it All’ there are no high rollers, just a bunch of small gamblers trying to have a good night at the table. In his interview, Johnson states that the ‘underbelly’ is what he found to be far more interesting during his casino days, and has drawn on some of his first-hand experiences in the film.

Losing big

The film sees Eddie entrusted with taking care of a large duffel bag full of cash.

Eddie, however, is unable to resist temptation and uses the money to gamble. Unfortunately for Eddie, his luck doesn’t change and he ends up losing the cash. In his interview, Johnson stated that the movie was about a ‘guy who has a problem’.

The film isn’t all doom and gloom though and takes a light-hearted approach to Eddie’s situation, with Johnson even saying that there are ‘second chances’ for Eddie. With the film already earning plaudits at film festivals throughout the US, as well as getting a good reception from critics, Jake Johnson’s partnership with Joe Swanberg looks certain to continue with future projects, whether or not they will be on Netflix remains to be seen.

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