Has a casino been conned out of $260,000 by punto banco fraudsters?

  • Genting Casino in Glasgow investigating reported £200,000 sting
  • Alleged fraud may have been carried out over four months

A Glasgow casino has reportedly launched an internal investigation into a possible gambling sting that is believed to have cost them £200,000 ($260,000).

The Glasgow Genting Casino, Scotland, may have been subject to a fraud at the tables.
The Glasgow Genting Casino, Scotland, may have been subject to a fraud at the tables.

The Scottish Sun reports that The Genting Casino in the Scottish city was targeted by a gang who carried out their fraud by fiddling a card game called punto banco a game similar to baccarat.

It is thought that they carried out the swindle multiple times over a period of weeks, netting tens of thousands of pounds in the process.

The problem was eventually spotted by the casino’s security specialists, who identified a potential fraud and reported it to the casino management, who launched an immediate investigation.

Card cheating

According to the Scottish Sun, the investigation is being conducted internally and the local police have not been involved. A source, quoted in the paper, said that the casino lost the money in the space of just four months.

Punto banco is a variant of baccarat and is based around players betting on themselves or the bank.

During the game, cards are dealt from a ‘shoe’ which is transparent and can hold several decks. One theory is that the gang were successfully able to distract the dealer and tamper with the shoe itself, enabling them to see which cards were about to be dealt.

Given the level of security and CCTV in most casinos, it is not usually possible to interfere with any of the paraphernalia on the table.

A spokesperson for Genting acknowledged that there was currently an internal investigation into what she described as a ‘potential incident of card cheating’ and confirmed that if criminal activity was detected, the company would seek prosecutions.

The casino is trading normally.

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