Casino cheaters beware: A hefty prison sentence could be coming your way

  • Two Florida men arrested for attempted casino scam
  • Strong sentences demonstrate the risks involved with potential gambling fraud

Would-be cheaters beware – a hefty jail term could be coming your way if you pull any funny business in a new casino resort in the Bahamas.

The alleged scammers of the Baha Mar casino, which had only just opened, have been sentenced to two years in jail.
The alleged scammers of the Baha Mar casino, which had only just opened, have been sentenced to two years in jail.

A story reported recently by the Nassau Guardian has highlighted just how far some people will go to gain the upper hand when playing in casinos, in this case at the $3.5 billion Baha Mar resort.

Scamming the system

According to the report, two men playing at the Baha Mar resort were caught for attempting to use chips to obtain additional winnings at the roulette table.

Luiz Sanchez, a 34-year-old Floridian from Miramar and Jose Nemejon, from Miami, had evolved a scam whereby they obtained almost $6,000 in chip-swapping, it was alleged.

Security workers were first alerted to the scam when they identified that Sanchez was pocketing chips at the roulette table, just before he chose to cash out of the game. He would then leave for the bathroom, deposit the purloined chips in a hidden area, and alert his partner in crime. Nemejon would then visit the same area, collect the chips, and commence a new game.

The scam was designed to enable Nemejon to play the game, and then ultimately cash in more chips regardless of whether he won or lost at the game; ultimately enabling the pair to access almost $6,000 from a losing game, the report stated.

Attempts to excuse the crime

According to the report, even after they were caught in the attempted scam, both men stated that they had been coerced into the ploy by an unknown third person, whom they called ‘Marco’. Police on the scene were able to recover over $200 from Sanchez and $1,608 from Nemejon upon their arrest.

Both men were found guilty on charges of fraud by false pretences, and conspiracy to commit fraud. They were sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the crime, evidencing the fact that, sometimes, taking a gamble can lead to greater losses than walking away with nothing.

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