‘Techies’ are giving casino industry a massive boost – in more ways than one

When you think of the capital of the US gambling industry, only one city comes to mind – Las Vegas. But Vegas could have some serious competition from California, as cash from the tech industry continues to leak into gambling. But it’s not only the spending power. The brightest minds are also powering the casino industry in all its forms with the latest innovations.

Techies powering the casino industry
‘Techies’ from Silicon Valley and California, the home of the likes of Google, are powering the casino industry in more ways than one. Picture: romanboad

Silicon Beach supporting local gambling industry

Silicon Beach is the name given to the Westside area of Los Angeles which houses over 500 tech firms. Industry giants such as Google and Snap Inc (the company that created Snapchat) have bases in the area; which includes the Culver City, Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

All of these places are just a short distance away from Hollywood Park Casino and reports suggest that the tech influence is one of the main reasons for the property’s recent success. The casino, which is located in Inglewood, California is a favourite among workers pouring out of Silicon Beach.

The love of poker

Poker revenue at Hollywood Park Casino has been increasing constantly in recent times.

The new generation of gamblers in this area are more inclined to focus on casino games, rather than slots and machines. Poker seems to be Silicon Beach residents’ games of choice.

According to Corey Silver, Hollywood Park Casino’s tournament director, this is due to younger gamblers wanting to use their wit to win, rather than relying on pure luck.

He also pointed to the attractiveness of the tournaments on offer.

In a statement, he said: “The thing that makes us different is we offer players one of the most generous tournament structures. We want to give the players the opportunity to play poker and have a great time. Tournaments are all about skill; the more chips they have, the more skill they can use.”

Innovation by Californian techies

Californian techies aren’t just embracing gambling and casinos, they are also changing how they work. Silicon Beach and Silicon Valley home many of the latest and greatest companies that are in the online casino industry.

Real Video Gaming (RVG) is one such company. The Silicon Valley firm solves problems surrounding the online casino industry, such as trustworthiness of a casino game, player privacy and security.
Meanwhile Playsino is aiming to become the number one producer of social casino games in the world. Their games are made with an emphasis on privacy and support and their reputation has really grown in recent years.

So what does it mean?

Nevada may be the state that is considered the epicentre of the American gambling industry; however this may not always be the case.

Californian techies’ fondness for casinos, coupled with the fact they are creating new and more innovative ways to gamble in real and virtual life means that the ‘US gambling capital’ moniker may be moving in the near future. It may be that the standard ‘spin and hope’ games like roulette and simple slots have to take a back seat to more skill-based, in-depth gaming experiences.

As virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other innovations become commonplace, it is going to be the tech whizz kids who are at the front and centre of the gambling industry.

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