Caesars in Vegas now accepts WeChat Pay as brand targets Asian market

  • Chinese payment app accepted at Vegas establishments
  • Caesars looking to attract further Asian business to Sin City

Caesars Entertainment has become the first casino on the Las Vegas Strip to accept payments through WeChat Pay.

The a Chinese merchant app for mobile devices, can be used to pay for hotel rooms, food and drink, and for services – though it will not be used for gambling purposes, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Caesars is also offering 10% payment rebates for WeChat users as part of its initial promotion. The move represents efforts by Caesars to attract the thriving Asian gambling market, harnessing the thousands of Chinese visitors who head to Vegas each year.

Caesars looks for Asian gambling spend at home in Vegas

Three of the four leading Vegas casino chains have sought to harness the growing demand for gambling which currently exists in Asia.

They have established a presence in Macau along the famed Cotai Strip, and profits are rolling in as gaming revenues for the city keep rising. Wynn Resorts and Las Vegas Sands have both reporting rising share prices and better-than-expected profits as a result of the Macau gambling boom.

However, Caesars has opted to chase the Asian dollar at home rather than heading overseas. Chinese visitors to Vegas numbered around 207,000 in 2015, reports the Review Journal, and direct flights between Beijing and Vegas have been running since December – which has pushed visitor numbers up further. By making Chinese players feel welcome by the establishment and providing a variety of familiar payment options, Caesars hopes to build loyalty within the Chinese market.

About WeChat Pay

The payment app is very similar to the Apple Pay system used by many iOS device owners. It acts as a digital wallet, storing payment account information. The app can be used at dedicated point of sale terminals, in much the same way as a debit or credit card would be.

Though Chinese citizens are prevented from gambling at home and Chinese apps therefore do not allow for gambling payments, the app can be used to pay for services within the casino, such as ordering meals and drinks. Caesars Entertainment also allows guests to book hotel rooms and suites through the app.

It automatically converts payments to the local currency, and charges a small fee for payments at the time of the transaction.

As part of the launch of the new payment option, Caesars Entertainment venues are offering a 10% rebate on the first two transactions made through WeChat Pay. This is a limited offer, available until the end of August.

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