BUSTED: the (all-too-familiar) story that the celebs didn’t want you to see

  • Danza, Philbin and Sheen embroiled in a gambling scandal stateside
  • Wiretap allegedly reveals details of illegal sports bets taking place
  • Other film and TV stars also implicated in the leak

Put Tony Danza, Regis Philbin and Charlie Sheen in a room and you can bet that sparks will fly and mischief will be made. You can also bet that bets will be placed.


Actor and former professional boxer Tony Danza is known for his larger than life persona – but then the same could be said for media personality Regis Philbin and Charlie Sheen, who needs no introduction.

If the rumours are true, the trio could be among a number of celebs embroiled in a gambling scandal that threatens to land them in hot water with US law enforcement.

America’s draconian stance on illegal betting is well documented, with unlicensed gambling – especially the sort of high stakes games and sports betting that well-paid celebs are partial to – ripe for targeting by US agencies seeking low-hanging fruit.

That fruit might have gotten particularly easy to pluck thanks to the appearance of a wiretap that allegedly details a series of illegal bets rumoured to include Tony Danza, Regis Philbin, Charlie Sheen and a number of other Hollywood A-listers.

Mafia-run gambling

A mafia-operated gambling ring in New York is responsible for sparking the federal investigation which has led feds all the way to the door of some of America’s most notorious party animals.

While Charlie Sheen has kept a low profile by his standards in the past year, the revelation that he may have been caught on tape making illegal bets could throw the Two and a Half Men star into yet another scandal of his own making.

In December 2016, 13 members of the Genovese crime family were arrested including Vincent Taliercio. The Brooklyn-based bookie is believed to have been a fixer for Hollywood’s big players, fixing up high stakes poker games and facilitating sports betting for those with the financial clout and the stomach to handle it.

Other stars whose names have been circulating include James Caan, best known for his role in The Godfather, and Paul Sorvino who played a mafia don in Goodfellas.

While the identities of the celebs caught up in the scandal has yet to be confirmed – additional names thrown into the mix include Seinfeld’s Larry David, producer James L Brooks and Ed Weinberger – the existence of wiretap evidence is sure to cause a few red faces among NY’s gambling glitterati.

Sports betting remains illegal in the US, but the value of the black market has been estimated to run into billions of dollars

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