Brazil takes further steps to prevent local players depositing and playing at offshore casinos

  • New initiative aims to prevent local players playing at, and paying offshore online casinos
  • Comes as lawmakers continue to look at developing and regulating local casino market further

A new initiative by Brazilian senators aims to prevent residents from playing at online casinos based outside of the country. It is the first step Brazilian lawmakers are taking towards launching the country’s own full online gambling legislation that licenses gaming operators locally.

brazil bans online caisno payments

Currently, Brazilians spend $950 million at online casino sites every year, and somewhat understandably, lawmakers want to ensure that money stays within the country.

Preventing players from using offshore sites

However, since punters are spending their money at offshore sites, the local government cannot tax the money spent at these sites or regulate the games.

For more than a year, lawmakers in Brazil have been working hard to expand the country’s betting market into the clearly popular online casino sector in order to redirect the money that local players are spending at offshore casinos back into to online casino sites that are correctly licensed within the country.

However, the bills that were worked on with a view to making this happen were shelved in December 2016, and local senators are now taking smaller steps to prevent players from gambling at offshore sites.

Brazlian lawmakers have decided that the first step towards making online gambling legislation happen is to prevent players from wagering at offshore casino sites. Sponsored by Senator Crio Nogueira, bill PLS 213/2017 aims to ban Brazilian punters from depositing at online casinos that are not based in Brazil.

Lawmakers inspired by other countries

The bill will require Brazil’s Central Bank to come up with rules that would prevent local players from using electronic payments to access casino games from sites that are based abroad. Lawmakers were inspired by the American Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), as well as similar initiatives in Australia and France.

The next step for the bill is approval from the Committee on Economic Affairs. If it passed into law, Brazil will be one step closer to regulating online gambling and licensing gaming sites locally.

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